Chicken soup is my comfort food. My mum used to make it on winters day and I have memories of playing out in the snow and coming in for some freshly made chicken soup. Our recent article about boosting your Immunity showed that chicken soup is actually brilliant for helping to fend off colds and viruses so it’s a great meal for all the family through the cold months.

This is going to be a very rough guide recipe as my chicken soup changes every time depending on what I have available! I usually make it after cooking a roast chicken and I use up all the leftover meat on the bones. I used to throw in the whole carcass but we would often find bits of gristle and small bones in the soup which my husband doesn't enjoy finding. I now throw in a few of the bigger bones and remove all the unwanted bits.

chicken soup by nom nom kids


Chicken leftovers (get the meat from under the chicken, behind the wishbones and the thighs which may not have been carved off)

All the juice that has run off the chicken (wait until it cools and then pick off the white fat first for a lower fat soup)

2-3 Carrots (pick big carrots so you get lovely big slices)

1-2 Parsnips roughly cut (optional)

1-2 Potatoes cut up as you would to boil

1 onion finely chopped

Sweet potato (optional)

1 celery finely chopped (optional)

2-3 heaped tablespoons Vermicelli noodles (optional)

Rosemary chopped

Thyme chopped

1 chicken Stock cube (use low salt option if you will share this with a baby or toddler.

2-3 table spoons of chopped tinned tomatoes

Salt & pepper to taste (optional if cooking for babies)

Boiled Water

Other optiona extras (leftover stuffing, roast vegetables, bakedbeans!)

Place all of the ingredients – except the Vermicelli into a large pan and cover with boiled water until everything is submerged (don’t add too much though). Stir occasionally and taste the juice half way through.

Bring to the boil again, cover and simmer for around 45 minutes until everything is soft. Add the vermicelli and cook for a further 5-10 minutes until they are also soft.

Towards the end I sometimes remove a couple of the potato chunks and mash them up then put them back in the soup to make a thicker consistency.

Serve with lovely fresh bread for a hearty meal for all the family!

Blend for babies or chop some of the larger chunks up for toddlers and kids. The blended soup can be stored or served in our Reusable Pouches.


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November 10, 2015 — Suzanne Moore

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