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Recycling & Upcycling

Upcycling your reusable pouches

Our favourite way to give our products an extra life after they've been used it to re-purpose them as seed planters. They're great for growing seedlings or herbs.

Cut a couple of holes in the pouch gusset and then fill with compost. sew your seeds as per the instructions. Ensure to keep them watered and watch them grow.

Recycling your reusable pouches

Our reusable products can't currently be recycled kerbside everywhere (its amazing that some local authorities are trialling it though!). They can be recycled at numerous drop off locations at major supermarkets via the Flexible Plastics recycling scheme. Tesco's, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, The Co-op and Aldi all have collection bins at their fronts.

The Pouches & Bags

How do you fill the squeeze pouches?

Nom Nom Kids Pouches have a wide opening with a strong double zip lock seal. The opening on our animal pouches is 12cm wide so the pouch can be filled using a spoon or poured from a jug or pot. For filling the pouch follow the instructions here: How to use your pouch

How do you clean the pouches?

Cleaning the pouches is really easy. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Just open the zip lock on the side of the pouch and follow the instructions here: How to use your pouch

How much can a Nom Nom Kids reusable pouch hold?

The Animal pouch can hold over 140ml or 4.5floz of liquid food. It holds a little bit more than an Ella's Kitchen stage 2 pouch.

The larger wave pouch can hold over 250ml or 8floz of liquid food.

Fill just to the top of the window on the back of the pouch to avoid any mess when closing the pouch.

Can I freeze food in the reusable pouch?

Yes, The pouch is safe to freeze. Fill up to the window as normal and squeeze any excess air out as you seal the pouch to keep the contents extra fresh. Place in the freezer flat to save space.

How do I heat the contents of the reusable pouch?

Fill a jug or bowl with hot water and submerge the pouch but keep the spout above the water. Shake and squeeze the contents of the pouch to ensure even heating before feeding. Always test the temperature of the food yourself before feeding to baby.

Can I heat the pouch in a microwave?

Technically the pouch is perfectly safe to be used in the microwave but doing so even for a very short time on defrost setting can cause hot spots in the food. We do not recommend to heat food in a microwave as the risk of feeding your baby or child overly hot food is too great. See above for heating directions.

What can I put in my Nom Nom Kids reusable Pouch?

Reusable pouches are really versatile and can hold all kinds of foods as long as it's reasonably smooth. The texture of the food doesn't have to be completely smooth it can be slightly lumpy as long as the lumps are small enough to fit through the spout. Due to this the pouches can also be used for stage 2 weaning.

Take a look at our Recipes page for lots of ideas.

Does the zipper leak?

No, it's very durable and the zip lock is a double zip so it's really secure. Under normal use the pouch will not leak at all. My kids and their friends have put the pouches through some rigorous testing over the years!

Can I use the Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouch for drinks?

We don't recommend using the pouch for drinks generally because the spout is sized for thicker fluids.  A more liquid drink will flow quite fast and may take your little one by surprise. An older child would be able to control this though so test it and see.

How many times can I use my reusable pouch?

The pouches last between 50-100 uses. They are gauranteed for 50 uses or 3 months use. If a pouch fails before this please contact us or email and we will send you a replacement.

Can the pouches be recycled?

Yes!! Al of our reusable pouches and bags can now be recycled as part of the new Flexible Plastics Recycling program. Use the map HERE to find your nearest drop off point. If you can't find a drop off point you would be welcome to send your pouches back to me and I will recycle them for you. Please send to:

Nom Nom Kids
4 Royal Crescent Basement
GL50 3DA

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

How much does shipping cost?

For shipping to the UK there is a standard flat rate of £2.70 shipping fee (free UK shipping over £20). This is from £4.50 for shipments to Europe and £6 for outside Europe.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we now ship worldwide.  If your country is not in the country list please contact us or email on and request the country required so it can be added. Quantities are limited outside Europe as the postage cost becomes too high.

How are orders shipped?

All orders are currently shipped via Royal Mail 48 Tracked within the UK and via International air mail for Europe and the rest of the world. Orders are always shipped the next work day.

I accidentally threw the cap away, can I get a replacement?

We sell replacement caps on the website at £1 for 4 caps.

Ella's kitchen caps do fit though so a more cost effective option is to steal some off a friend before you convert them to reusable pouches!

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