Our Story

Hi, I'm Suzanne, a mum of 2 children and the founder of Nom Nom Kids. Life as a mum hasn't all been plain sailing and both kids have challenged me with feeding and drinking issues at times.

Store bought, pre-filled pouches helped Stanley through his dairy intolerance and teething and Nancy through her refusal to drink anything stage after she stopped breast feeding. Pouches in general have helped us through illnesses, car journeys and have always been a lunch box staple. In the early days of weaning I also found them fantastic for feeding using a spoon whilst out and about.

In those early days I always wished that I could fill pouches myself with the kid's favourite yogurts or my own purees during weaning. When my son needed antibiotics it would have been great to be able to put the nasty medicine into the pouch along with some healthy fruit. 

One of the the things that always bothered me about the pre-filled pouches was that they are not easily recyclable and therefore the majority end up in landfill. I was aware of how many used pouches must be thrown away each year and now that I had 2 children I would be adding even more to the mountain.

After having Nancy and approaching weaning a 2nd time I started to search if a reusable pouch existed on the market and found a few, but none really caught my eye. Some required their own filling stations, others were too large for small hands and tummies and most didn't stand up whilst you filled them. I found a few cute ones in the US and Australia but they were expensive to import and had very small openings which made me wonder if they would really get clean. Mostly, I really felt that there was nothing on the market that would appeal to a toddler / child so I started to think.......what if I made some myself.

Fortunately I had 15 years experience in sourcing and development so I started to design the perfect pouch for my children.  It took me a while to perfect the Nom Nom Reusable Pouch and find the best suppliers to support me but I've done it.  I am really pleased with our first product and my kids think it's fantastic. What more can a mother want!

I have since introduced a larger 250ml pouch and reusable snack bags and a sandwich bag to the product collection. I really hope you will love your Nom Nom Kids Reusable Products as much as we do.