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Reusable Food Pouches

Ditch the supermarket pouches and single serve snacks and join us in saving waste and money with reusables you'll love.

Our Story

How it all began

I used my 15 years experience in sourcing and development to design the perfect pouch for my children.  It took me a while to perfect the Nom Nom Reusable Pouch and find the best suppliers to support me but I've done it.

How do I fill them?

Nom Nom Kids Pouches have a wide side opening that allows easy filling and easy cleaning. Make sure you don't go over the max fill line and then you can seal them up and go!

Recipe inspiration

We have a selection of recipes for inspiration of what to put in your pouches but you can add in your favourite yogurts, smoothies, jelly, soup Weetabix or overnight oats.

Here's what some of our customers have to say

Saw this on tiktok and as I have a couple of little ones needing packed lunches next year I thought these looked like a fun idea. Arrived very quickly, I’ve shown my son who thinks they look fantastic and I hope will make lunch at nursery fun.
~ Amie ~

Fantastic range of pouches- we use them for everything! Excellent quality- my first wave pouches were bought at launch in 2020 and still going strong even with daily use! Have bought lots more since and I think have every pouch/bag in both the monster and wave ranges!
~ Jill ~

Absolutely gorgeous products! I'm a return customer so knew what to expect. Bought more pouches for my kids and some snack bags and pouches as a gift. They hold the right amount of anything and my 3, 5 and 7 yr olds LOVE them.
~ Raymond ~

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