A wonderful seasonal & healthy pudding for all.
80g blackberries, washed
1 cooking apple, peeled and sliced (150g),
2 tsp + 1 and a half tsp of soft brown sugar
200ml Greek Yogurt (or half whipped double cream and half Greek yogurt for a more decadent fool)
Place the apple, blackberries, 2 teaspoons of soft brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of water in a saucepan. With the lid on cook on a gentle heat for 5 - 8 minutes until fully soft and the apple 'fluffed'.
Blitz the apple and blackberries with a hand held stick blender or in a processor. For a very smooth and seedless puree push through a sieve. Set aside until fully cool.
Stir the remaining 1 and a half teaspoons of soft brown sugar into the yogurt (or whipped cream and yogurt mix).
Stir through the fruit into the yogurt and spoon into the pouches.
The above ingredients will fill approximately 3 Nom Nom Kids Reusable pouches.
Recipe for approx 9 months+

Louisa is a passionate foodie and hectic single mummy living in rural Herefordshire. Louisa’s Blog Eat Your Veg was born out of a devotion to feed her children the healthy food they deserve, and to show other parents that good food can be made quickly, easily and cheaply. Louisa is also an advocate of eating Seasonally and Sustainably.

Louisa Foti


August 29, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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