Nectarines provide a good balance of B vitamins, immune-boosting vitamins A, C and E as well as some essential minerals.  However, it is the combination of summery nectarines with vitamin C rich orange juice and Vitamin E rich avocadoes which gives this smoothie it’s double whammy flavour and health hit. The avocado also gives this treat a super smooth texture.
3 nectarines
1/2 a large avocado
100ml orange juice
1 tsp honey
Submerge the nectarines in hot water for 1 minute then peel and stone. Combine the nectarines and avocado in a food processor then add the orange juice and honey and continue to process until completely smooth and creamy.
The above ingredients will fill approximately 3 Nom Nom Kids Reusable pouches. Suitable for 1 year+

Jenny Tschiesche is a mother of 2 with over 10 years nutrition experience and a passion for food.  Since 2013 has provided recipes, lunchbox ideas and nutrition advice to adults, children, sports people and business people alike. Jenny runs workshops, cooking demonstrations and webinars both in the UK and abroad.
Jenny has also written an award-winning book called ‘Not Just Sandwiches – 5 ways to improve your child’s lunchbox’.

Jenny Tschiesche
The Lunchbox Doctor

August 29, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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