I have been using this as a pasta sauce for years and my kids love it. We sometimes also add a tablespoon of red pesto sauce if there happens to be a jar open.

creamy carrot and squash pasta

100g Carrots chopped

175g Butternut squash

20-30g of red, orange or yellow pepper (optional)

30ml Double cream

Small pinch of dried sage

20-40g Finely grated mature cheddar cheese

Steam the carrots and butternut squash for 15 minutes or until the vegetables are soft. Add the pepper after 10 minutes if including it. Blend the vegetables with the cream  until the mixture is your preferred consistency (add a little of the steamer water if you need more liquid). I keep it slightly textured but not too lumpy. Add the cheese into the mixture and stir in. It's up to you how much cheese you add. If you prefer not to add the cream you can add a little bit of chicken or vegetable stock instead but I love the richness of the cream and it's only a little bit. 

Serve mixed into pasta. You can start by using pasta stars or Orzo Pasta for weaning babies and move up to pasta twirls or spirals that are easy for toddlers to handle. I generally store the pasta sauce only and cook the pasta fresh each time but you can freeze it all together if you want an instant meal once defrosted.

You can store the sauce only in our squeeze pouches or with pasta mixed in the snack bags as an individual portion size.  Take a look at our selection of pouches and snack bags here


May 05, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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