This puree is really simple and came about when I needed a quick meal for my kids and a 7 month old baby. The puree doubles up as a simple weaning recipe as well as a hidden veg sauce in a pesto pasta dish for toddlers and older kids.  

The great thing about this recipe is that I always have sweetcorn in the freezer, carrots in the fridge and I always seem to end up with a huge broccoli stem after we've eaten all the florets. This recipe puts it to good use and I will now always have a pouch of it in the freezer for quick dinners!


Ingredients for the puree:

80g sweetcorn

80g broccoli stems chopped

80g carrot chopped

add the carrots to a steamer and steam for 5 minutes. Add the broccoli stems and steam for a further 8-10 minutes until tender. Add the sweetcorn and steam for a further 1-2 minutes. Check that the carrot and broccoli stems are cooked through.

Blend with around 50-70ml of the steamer water to a smooth puree. The sweetcorn is very fibrous so extra blending is requiored to achieve a really smooth puree.

serve as a puree for babies.

To use the puree as a hidden veg pasta sauce mix into red or green pesto pasta dishes and add grated cheese on top. My kids love this with red pesto and they ate it up double quick making lots of nom nom noises the first time I hid this in the pesto pasta!

The above recipe makes approx 2 Animal pouches. Alter the volumes to suit.




April 12, 2016 — Suzanne Moore

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