I wanted to make some festive smoothies for my kids to enjoy in their reusable pouches this Christmas. This is my first attempt and my youngest loved it!

1 tblsp mince meat ( I used Robertsons)

1 heaped tsp baby rice powder

200ml milk (dairy, non dairy or breast milk)

Place the mince meat and approx 40ml of the milk in a blender and blend until smooth.

Add the rest of the milk and stir in. Place the liquid into a pan and heat until just warm (or microwave for approx 40 seconds in a microwaveable cup)

In another cup or jug place the baby rice powder and add the warm flavoured milk gradually. the consistency should thicken but still be pourable. if it's too thick add some more milk and if it's too thin add more baby rice.

Serve immediately warm or allow to cool.

The above ingredients will make approximately 2 pouch servings.

December 19, 2013 — Suzanne Moore

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