Have you heard about Waste Free Wednesdays? The Idea is to have one waste free day a week where you create no waste to give Mother nature a break.

The team behind the idea have created an Instagram and Facebook account "to share, inspire and create a waste free lifestyle, one day at a time". 

waste free wednesday posts from instagram

I have to say that I love this concept as so often a zero waste lifestyle seems so unattainable to most of us and that unfortunately stops so many people from just doing little things. We need to change our habits one step at a time so 1 day a week of zero waste living (or as close to it as we can get) feels like a challenge that we could rise to.

As a family we do a fair amount to help save waste in our lifestyles. We buy quite a lot of things loose, use bamboo toothbrushes, use reusable cups, bottles, pouches and make a lot of our own snacks and food but we have so much more that we could do and I hope that giving this more thought 1 day a week I will make more changes than thinking about it less seriously all week long.

Things that we as a family will need to address each Wednesday are:

  • Only buy products without packaging. Wednesday may become my day to visit the market, butchers etc with my own bags and containers.
  • Make our own snacks, lunch, dinner from scratch preferably with ingredients that came unpackaged.
  • Use up food scraps to create minimal food waste.

We may not be able to succeed with being totally waste free but at least 1 day a week my whole family will think very seriously about the waste that we are creating. We will hopefully set in place some new habits and start to think about  some further changes we can make.

I will be sharing some of the ideas from @wastefreewednesdays on my Instagram and Facebook Accounts. I would love to know if they inspire you to save waste.

Do go follow the Waste Free Wednesday accounts on FB & IG for yourselves

Waste Free Wednesday on Facebook

@wastefreewednesday on Instagram

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March 19, 2019 — Suzanne Moore

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