When your baby approaches weaning it’s only natural to turn to the baby food aisle at the supermarket for inspiration. It’s an ever-expanding aisle these days full of pouches upon pouch of purees, snacks and cereals. The majority are organic and convenient, but these things are expensive and wasteful as 95% of finished pouches currently go to landfill.

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I’m not going to make anyone feel bad for using them. They are incredibly handy, they keep at room temperature for an age. You can keep one in your change bag for emergencies and avoid a hangry meltdown….something we can all aspire to! But, I’m not a fan for every day feeding and snacks when there are better value, more nutrient rich and more eco friendly options available.

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Reusable food pouches have been around for a while but never seem to get much publicity mostly because it's small businesses like mine making them. I started developing Nom Nom Kids in 2013 when I had my own weaning baby and a 2 year old that loved a smoothie pouch. I didn't like the wasteful packaging and really wanted to be able to put my own food inside the magical pouches that made my fussy 2 year old eat fruit.

    Making your own baby food & snacks

    Baby food and squeezable snacks can be incredibly easy to make yourself and it doesn't have to take up lots of time. There are recipes all over the internet and even some here on my website. If you've made your dinner with no added salt you can also just blend parts of it together along with a little of your baby's milk and store it in a pouch, pot or ice-cube tray. You can freeze the pouches or keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours and you can heat it in hot water if you want before serving.

    Check out my first food blog post if you want to know more about the first stages of weaning or take a look at how our pouches can be used at different stages of your baby's development here. The can be used from 6 months to school age .We would love to get all ages using them.

    Why choose Nom Nom Kids

    I may not have the resources of a large company behind me or a fancy marketing & PR department but I strongly believe (and have been told by my customers) that my side opening pouches are the easiest to use on the market mainly due to the love and attention that I have given them to ensure that they are easy to fill and most importantly, easy to clean.

    reusable pouches in the dishwasher

    The benefits of Nom Nom Kids over the others you can buy are:

    • No filling stations required to get the food into the pouch, just spoon or pour it in
    • Strong double zipper that does NOT leak - I promisse
    • Wide opening allows you to get your whole hand in to the pouch
    • No hidden corners or crevices, the gusset opens the pouch up.
    • Stays open in the dishwasher to get it really clean.
    • The gusset allows more food to be packed in without making the pouch oversized.
    • Holds 140-150ml of liquid food – others claim to hold the same but don't.




    April 18, 2019 — Suzanne Moore

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