By the end of each week my fridge is generally littered with the same leftover bits of vegetables:

  • Half or part of a courgette
  • ends of a pepper
  • mostly broccoli stalk and the odd floret
  • a couple of celery sticks

In order to save these items from the compost bin I have started a routine of cooking them all up along with a few other staples such as carrots, frozen sweetcorn and even some lentils to produce a lovely nutritious veggie puree. 

There are 2 ways to make the puree. Either steam chopped veg for the appropriate amount of time or grate the veg and fry in a deep pan with just a little olive oil. I alternate depending on the veg I have.

leftover vegetables

I keep pouches and also ice cubes of these puree's in the freezer to use for:

  1. Adding to tomato pasta sauce
  2. Adding to pizza topping
  3. Using in pinwheels
  4. Mixing with sausage meat to make hidden veg sausage rolls
  5. Adding to pesto pasta
  6. Making savoury muffins

What veg do you have leftover that you could make into something rather than throwing away?

pinwheels and hidden veg sauce

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May 08, 2019 — Suzanne Moore

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