My Kids love a Dairylea Dunker. It takes them all of 2 minutes to demolish one and i'm left with a fairly sturdy plastic tub and a piece of foil to dispose of. Both can be recycled but i'd rather not have to. In addition there's the £2.25 price tag for a pack of 4.

dairylea-dunkers-saving waste-packaging

Today I put my foot down when the request was made for Dairylea dunkers and I made our own versions using a big tub of Dairylea spread, some Eat Real veggie Straws and a few mini cheddars that were leftover. 

I used a divider pot from our Tum Tum Tots lunchbox (that remarkably I found the lid for) to hold the cheese spread and popped the crispy bits into a reusable snack bag.

Nancy loved that it was less wasteful and also really enjoyed the veggie straws for dipping.

What other snacks do your kids love that have way too much packaging? Lets see if we can replace it with a more eco-friendly version. 

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February 27, 2019 — Suzanne Moore

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