They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it's also the one that generally needs to be prepared and eaten the quickest. Our brains aren't always working at their best first thing and with a little one begging for food at 6.30am. It can be hard to come up with a variety of healthy, sugar free (or at least low sugar) options that are going to give them the energy they need to tackle the day ahead.

So, here's some of my go to Brekkie suggestions...mostly aimed at your little ones but no reason why the big kids and grown ups can't eat them too. Some can be made ahead and others quickly prepped.

Porridge Bread (make ahead)

This stuff is amazing. A combination of oats, plain yogurt and egg. This is delicious sliced with some honey on top. suitable for 12 months+ with the honey but from 6 months without. Recipe developed by My Fussy Eater but you can watch how it's made by Eats Amazing here.


Scrambled Eggs (10 minutes prep)

Quick and tasty, scrambled eggs are perfect from 6 months onward. Serve with a little toast and some avocado slices or a few cherry tomatoes chopped in half. We make ours firmer and stirred less so there's nice big chunks for little hands to grab or forks to lift.

Eggy Bread (10 minutes prep)

We make our eggy bread simply with 1 beaten egg to 1 slice of bread and nothing else. Beat the egg in a flat bottomed bowl. Place the bread into the egg and allow it to absorb. Turn over to ensure it's coated on both sides. My kids like theirs cut into squares with the crusts off (which they steal and eat anyway!) Fry in a little olive oil until golden and serve with some fruit for a filling breakfast.

If you want some extra flavour why not try this recipe from My Fussy Eater instead or simply add a little cinnamon.

Dippy Eggs & Soldiers (10 minutes prep)

It's now safe to serve runny eggs to babies from 6 months as long as the egg has a UK lion mark. Getting the perfect runny egg can take some practice but when you get it right, it's sooo good. Serve the toast cut into smaller strips with a little butter, marmite or spread with mashed avocados for an extra nutrient boost.

For little ones, you can spread the egg onto the toast to make it easier to eat. You may find making the eggs soft but not runny are easier to eat in this way. I bought one of these to help me get the perfect egg consistency.


Porridge (10 minutes prep)

Porridge doesn't have to be boring. It's full of goodness and so filling. You can make your own smoother baby porridge by blending dry oats or Opt for the Jumbo oats if you like more texture. We make ours with half milk and half water. Top with a little honey (over 12 months only), fruit or fruit compote.

You can even mix peanut butter in and add an array of seeds on top, add stewed fruits or grated veggies for even more goodness. Anything goes with porridge. Check out these ideas for some more alternative porridge toppings.


Porridge Fingers (10 minutes prep)

These are perfect for Baby led Weaning and originate from the original Baby Led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley. Check out the recipe here

Weetabix (5 minutes prep)

Serve in a bowl or pop it in a pouch for an on the go Breakfast for those mornings when you're in a rush or have no time for the full body clean up operation. Check out our reusable pouches to help make this.


Sugar Free Fluffy Pancakes (15 minutes prep)

We love these served with fruit, a little maple syrup or a slither of chocolate spread for a treat. I would just serve them plain with fruit for babies and toddlers and save the spreads and toppings for older children. They're also a fab snack to take out with you. You can make up the mix the night before and store in the fridge if time is tight. You can also make up batches of pancakes and freeze them!

sugar free pancakes

2 Ingredient Pancakes (10 minutes prep)

This is a fab BLW recipe containing just banana and egg. So simple and perfect for little hands and tummies. Check out the recipe with My Fussy Eater here.

Savoury Muffins (make ahead)

My kids love a savoury muffin as much as they love cake. Try our hidden veggie version if you've got fussy little ones or opt for extra visible veg if you can get away with it.  These freeze really well so you can make a batch and pull them out as you need them. Check out our Reusable snack bags for taking these out and about.

hidden veg muffins

Baked egg cups (make ahead)

This is the original recipe I tried from Super Healthy Kids It's also delicious with a little bit of cooked sausage or bacon in so I often make a batch of these for the freezer when I have some leftover.



Breakfast Smoothies (5 minutes prep)

whether you serve it in an Instagram friendly bowl, in a glass with a reusable straw or in a reusable pouch. Smoothies are a great start to the day and can get our little ones off to a good start with their 5-a-day. Try ones containing Oats to make it more filling or go for just fruit and veg and serve with porridge fingers. Peanut butter is a great way to add some extra protein for a busy day ahead.



Smashed avocado on Toast (10 minutes prep)

I love avocado so this is my perfect breakfast. A poached egg on top and i'm in heaven! We recently discovered that our reusable pouches keep your mashed avocado lovely and green. so mash up a whole Avocado and put the leftovers in the pouch until the next day.


Ice Lollies (make ahead)

Yes! Ice lolly pops for breakfast. Obviously lovely home made healthy ones made with smoothie mix or blended fruit. Pull these out of the freezer and the kids will think it's an amazing treat! You may need a little toast or some porridge fingers to fill them up a bit too.



We think it's important for the whole family to eat well in the morning. it's a perfect time to slip in one or more of your 5-a day and your a winner if you can provide a filling dish that isn't sugar laden but still yummy. If you want even more inspiration check out the My Fussy Eater Blog with 50 Breakfast Ideas for Kids You'll never have to serve boring (sugar laden) cereal or plain old toast again.

A brilliant article to read if you want more inspiration from Registered Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed BSc, MSc, RNutr. Specialist in maternal, infant and child nutrition. Getting Extra Nutrients into my Child’s Diet: Breakfast Edition



March 24, 2019 — Suzanne Moore

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