One of the easiest meals you can serve in our Reusable Pouches is the weetabix breakfast on the go. We've all had one of those mornings where there just isn't time to grab breakfast for ourselves but when there are little ones involved you have no choice. They need to start the day with a decent Breakfast.

This breakfast is for the days when they've been up all night and then everyone has woken up late, the days when everything goes wrong and you've got 5 minutes to get out of the house with a toddler or for every day that you need to get to work and drop the little ones off bright and early at nursery or the child minder.




nom nom kids weetabix breakfast on the go

Tightly screw a lid on your pouch (this is not the time to forget this important step!)

Measure out 100ml of milk - This can be whole milk, formula, breast milk, soya milk or any other milk alternative you like to use for your child.

Place 1 Weetabix into a pouch. Our newest pouches are 5mm wider at the opening and this allows the weetabix to fit in perfectly. (The weetabix still fit's into our previous pouches but the fit is a little tighter).

Warm up the milk in a pan or in the microwave to be hot but not boiling.  Pour into the pouch straight over the Weetabix.  The weetabix will start to absorb and soak up the milk immediately.

Give the milk and weetabix a stir if you have a spoon to hand or seal the pouch and give it a squeeze to mix the contents together.

Leave to cool before giving the pouch to your child. Submerge the pouch in cold water to cool it down quicker if you want to eat it immediately.

This can even be prepared the night before and heated in hot water when needed.

Enjoy a mess free, spoon free, quick breakfast on the go!!
Try the same with Ready brek or baby cereals if you prefer. We often use half a weetabix and a heaped spoonful of Ready brek as this lowers the overall salt content of the breakfast. Add honey (if your little one is over 12 months) or a little bit of fruit puree to sweeten.
Camping / Travelling tip
If you are camping or travelling and won't have access to a fridge then this is a perfect breakfast for your little ones. Take a pouch, some weetabix or readybrek and some long life milk or formula in a carton / bottle so you can make an instant breakfast for your little ones. If you are breastfeeding you can even express milk to use instead. 
Which pouch to Choose?
Our Animal Pouches hold 140ml of squeezable food. You can fit 1 weetabix in and 100ml of milk. Our larger monster pouches can hold 2 weetabix and around 180ml of milk so the mixture is a little bit thicker but still works.


December 09, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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