Sockatoos is run by one of my fellow Cheltenham Mumboss club members based in The Cotswolds and they’ve just finished a stint in John Lewis with a pop up shop!

photo of multiple pairs of baby and toddlers sized trousers hanging on a branch all with sewn in socks, sockatoos logo above

Natalie has 2 boys and like many parents was frustrated with constantly losing her baby sons’ socks in the wash, behind the sofa, in the car and when out and about; with their trousers riding up in the baby carrier or out of their wellies; and with trying to keep chilly toes under wraps in the cooler months.

"One day, while I was getting my youngest son dressed into his little jeans and trying for the umpteenth time to get – and keep – his socks on while he was wriggling around and in a strop, I wondered whether it were possible to buy footed toddler and baby trousers, where the socks are actually attached. Alas, I was unable to find any such item despite my determined search, and the concept for ‘Sockatoos’ all-in-ones was born"

Sockatoos are basically lovely soft trousers with built in Socks that can never get lost!! I can think of so many occasions that these would have been handy, We used to lose socks everywhere!....Baby carrying, soft play, in the pushchair....

3 images showing babies and toddlers wearing the Sockatoos Trousers with built in socks

Natalie says "Nursery Staff and Pre-school teachers love Sockatoos because they are the only socks still on little feet at the end of the day."

There are a choice of fabrics and colours. lovely soft denim, classic grey Jogger and new soft corduroy. I love the little flashes of colour at the waistband and the sock heel and toes. The anti slip grips on the feet are an added bonus as little ones start to toddle around.

The great thing about the Sockatoos trousers is that they're so hard wearing and wash really well. You can get plenty of use out of them yourself and still use them for the next child or hand them down to friends / family.

Go check out the Sockatoos website or follow them on Social media.It's always good to support another small business and another mum who has taken the plunge to create something that solves a problem!

Website: Sockatoos website

Facebook: Sockatoos

Instagram: @Sockatoos_



February 12, 2020 — Suzanne Moore

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