My 2 little ones are like chalk and cheese. Stanley really dislikes to get dirty but Nancy will take every opportunity she can to get herself mucky! After the school run yesterday we played out in the garden with their favourite water sprays. Nancy was busy making a well in the (rather bare) veg patch, filling it with water and mixing it with her hands….lovely!

mucky hands image

I usually give the kids a little snack either on the school run or when we get home so Stanley had an apple and Nancy had some yogurt in her pouch as they played. Nancy's hands were definitely in no state to touch food and the rest of her was filthy too.  Rather than trapesing through the house to get clean she could easily eat her snack without actually touching anything that passed her lips!

Don't forget your pouches when you head out to the play ground, park or pottering in the garden. No need to stop play to have a healthy snack.

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April 21, 2016 — Suzanne Moore

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