According to The Guardian, 1.4 million banana’s are thrown out each day in the UK alone! That’s an immense amount and so unnecessary. There are lots of easy ways that you can save those extra banana’s from going in the bin before they go over-ripe.

Freeze Them

If you can see that you aren’t going to get through the banana pile before they become inedible, pop a few in the freezer. Peel them and chop them into smaller chunks and place into a freezer bag or freezer safe container. You can pull out chunks to use as needed.

Bake a cake

Banana bread is one of my all time favourites and one of the few cakes that we bake at home. Completely brown banana's are the best for banana bread.  The riper the better - you can even use black banana's that have gone rather squishy. hop the tops off and squeeze the flesh out!  Why not try Mary Berry’s Banana Loaf recipe.

Make smoothies or milkshakes

Use your ripe bananas (or your frozen ones) to make up a big smoothie mix, portion it up and freeze them in our reusable pouches. There are some fantastic recipes around but our favourites are:

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

Very Berry Smoothie

Choco Banana Breakfast Smoothie 

Make pancakes

This Banana & Yogurt leftover Pancake recipe uses ripe banana’s and leftover yogurt and is delicious! The recipe also includes and apple and blueberry compote which could be stored in our pouches! My kids loved these on their own.

Banana Nice cream

Healthy Ice cream - need I say more? Try this super simple Banana Nice Cream recipe

banana ripeness guide

graphic from

Buying & Storing Banana’s

If you want your banana’s to last all week pick a couple of yellow ones and then some with green tips which will ripen off later in the week. Ensure to eat the ones that start to get black bits first as this is the sign of being ripe.

Ensure to store your banana’s in a fruit bowl rather than in the fridge.

How to ripen Banana's quicker

According to Chiquita - If the bananas you buy are too green, you can put them in a brown paper bag with an apple or tomato overnight to speed up the ripening process.

So, enjoy your banana's and make a real effort to eat every single one you buy.

Suzanne x


December 06, 2016 — Suzanne Moore

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