If you’re in a snack rut - Here’s 10 fruit and veg snack ideas that work perfectly to take out or for school snacks. 

Cherry tomatoes chopped in half! 🍅
Sliced apples - soaked in water with a pinch of salt and then dried before adding to the snack bag🍎
Halved Grapes 🍇
Satsumas / Clementine's / Easy Peelers  🍊
Corn on the cob half - frozen Cobettes work well for quick re-heating 🌽
Kiwi chopped in half accompanied by a spoon - we use a fold up spoon that came with a flask 🥝
Half an avocado with a spoon - wipe the surface of the avocado flesh with olive oil to stop it browning 🥑
Strawberries - whole or shopped🍓
Carrots sticks - we love these with a dollop of hummus in the base of the bag with the carrots standing up in it 🥕
Peppers and sugar snap peas - so colourful!

10 fruit and veg snack ideas: a nom nom kids reusable snack bag on a table

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There’s so many more options of course and you can always combine more than one in a bag.

Look out for part two.



July 25, 2023 — Suzanne Moore

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