Hi everyone, I’m Steph from stephloveshoney.com, a long-time fan of Nom Nom Kids, whose products have been making my life easier for 10 years now! As I was browsing the website to collect links for this post, I realised that we own all the products and even some that are no longer available and I’m not kidding when I say that we use them multiple times every day… perhaps I can be promoted to super fan Suzanne? 

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that although it’s what they excel at, Nom Nom Kids products are not just for storing food. Here are my top 5 ‘non-food’ ways to use Nom Nom Kids pouches and snack bags:

Storing Lego and other small toys

Different sized pouches are perfect for storing different sized toys and sets. They are also great for when you have those boxes that come with more than one game or puzzle in a box, or those infuriating jigsaw books where the puzzles never stay intact when you put them on a shelf!

old snack and sandwich bags filled with toys and lego

Taking reusable wet wipes out and about 

We use one wave sandwich bag for clean wipes and a separate one for dirty. They’re water tight, so no leaks and they’re easy for everyone to open and close. Be sure to label them with the semi-permanent pen available on website too, it comes off with a little washing up liquid, but won’t rub off when it’s in your bag.

Making up a restaurant pack 

We love eating out as a family, but waiting for food to arrive can be boring. This is where a restaurant pack can come in handy. We take snack and sandwich bags containing small pieces of paper, crayons, stickers and little activity books. We also keep a small set of cutlery and a set of Nom Nom Kids reusable silicone straws in our pack, because nobody likes drinking through a paper straw.

Transporting liquids for travel

Nom Nom Kids squeeze pouches make excellent dispensers for hand soap, shower gel, washing up liquid, shampoo, conditioner, sun cream… anything you can think of really. The pouches take up way less space than bottles! Just be aware that the capacity is over 100ml, so not hand luggage friendly when full, if you’re jetting off somewhere. We also use ours to take ketchup when we go camping (which is a food, so shouldn’t technically be included in this post… but I’ll let it off).


Keeping change handy

I keep an ice pop bag containing some spare change in the car. This comes in handy for car parks with honesty boxes, as well as helping to make sure I always have money for the trolley when it’s time for the big shop!old reusable pouches filled with liquids for travel

How do you use yours? Comment on this post or head over to my website or Instagram page to let us know!

Thank you Steph for this post! It's great to see 

September 25, 2023 — Suzanne Moore

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