We love this delicious stew and it freezes really well so we always make a double batch. It can be cooked on the stove top, or transferred to the oven or slow cooker after the initial cooking.


1 Tblsp olive oil
1 medium onion chopped
3-4 celery sticks chopped
4 carrots chopped
150g Chorizo (use a ring or sliced from the deli counter)
3 large chicken breasts cut into strips
1 tin chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
2 tins chopped tomatoes
1/2 tin veg or chicken stock
Basil 5-6 leaves
Smoked Paprika 1/2-1 tsp
Black Pepper (pinch)

Add the olive oil to a Saute pan and heat up. Add all the chopped veg into the pan and saute for 5-10 minutes. clear a space in the pan and add the chicken to seal.

Add all the remaining ingredients to the pan. Stir through and get everything back up to simmer.

At this point I like to transfer the stew to an oven proof casserole dish and pop it in the oven for an hour or so at 180 degrees C. You can transfer to a slow cooker instead or keep it simmering away on the hob.

Taste half way through cooking to check flavours. Add more smoked Paprica, Basil or black pepper as needed.

Serve with cous cous or boiled rice.


April 08, 2020 — Suzanne Moore

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