Cooking with kids can seem like a great idea at the time and then end up being frustrating, stressful and messy. We can't do much about the mess but there's definitely ways to make it fun for everyone involved.
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Its so great to get kids into the kitchen helping from a young age so it's definitely worth following these tips from Kate at Hitchens Kitchen & Grill.
Kate is passionate about cooking and loves getting her 2 boys involved in the kitchen so she knows what she's talking about:

Kates Top Tips for cooking with kids

1. Organise! I use little post it notes I've cut into arrows to show them how much of everything we need. Get as much out and ready before they help you, otherwise they're cracking eggs into bowls before you've finished getting everything ready. I try and get all of the non perishable ingredients out and all the equipment the night before, or whilst they're distracted with the TV.

2. Check your recipe and make sure you have everything you need beforehand. Know the steps if you can so you can just help the little ones. Oliver gets carried away chucking everything in the bowl and I've put whole eggs in before when it's only needed an egg yolk, so have an idea what you need to be doing before you start.

3. Try and explain and demonstrate rather than do for them. If you can, split the ingredients into two, so you can have a batch and they can have one. Also means you know there will be at least some fruits of your labour without  bogeys and sneezes in!

4. Accept mess. Its going to be messy. There's going to be egg shell in the mix and flour all over the floor. Just embrace it otherwise you'll get stressed out trying to keep the mess to a minimum. And cooking with a stressed out adult is not so fun for small people. It should be fun!

I loved that Kate asked for any further tips from her followers and she got some great responses:

"Sit down together first and read the recipe so they have an idea of what to expect "

gemmaroback suggested:

"For toddlers I convert everything into cups, much easier than weighing"

triplets_in_my_kitchen also made a good point:

"Easier if they’re standing on something like a stool or chair so it’s easier for them to mix etc"

Not sure what to cook? These savoury muffins are a great option or these protein packed chocolate chip cookies.

Have a great time cooking with the little ones!

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February 17, 2021 — Suzanne Moore

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