February is National Snack Food Month so it’s a great month for us at Nom Nom Kids as we have pretty much sorted out how to package your snacks for you!

We’ve found some amazing healthy snacks from across the web to share with you and help your little one’s snack healthily this month and beyond. Click on the recipe title to get the recipe!

I will keep adding more recipes as the month goes on so make sure you pop back for more inspiration.


We have loads of really simple smoothie combinations in our recipe section but this one is my go to smoothie snack. It's so delicious and really healthy. I often add chia seeds and avocado to make it even healthier.

Kiwi green smoothie 

green smoothie

Sweet (but mostly healthy) Snacks

We all need a treat sometimes but these slightly healthier treats don't need to come with a portion of guilt. There's lots of healthy ingredients involved. 

No bake chocolate granola cookies 

granola cookies

Peanut butter cookies 

peanut butter cookies

No bake raspberry Cobler bars 


PB& J rice puffed treats 

pb and j puffed rice

Chocolate Courgette coconut muffins 

chocolate muffins

Savoury Snacks

We love savoury snacks and eat them alongside fruit and smoothies so we don't end up maxing out on sugar - even if it's natural fruit sugars you still need to eat it in moderation.

Cheesy Popcorn bites

cheesy popcorn

Leftover Mash, ham, cheese and pea muffins 

mash muffins

Spinach and cheese muffins 

lunchbox muffins

Of course you don't need to get too busy in the kitchen to serve up healthy snacks. There are loads of ready made options that you can pop in a snack bag and off you go. Why not try some of the examples in our little guide below!

 snack bag filling ideas

 If you need help putting your snacks into something then take a look at our products here:

product shot



February 03, 2017 — Suzanne Moore

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