bag of wet wipes, pouch of yogurt and some hand sanitser gel

We are finally allowed back in the parks after 100 days of them being closed.

To ensure that we all stay safe, our local authorities have been advising us to wipe down equipment and wash hands frequently.

Hand Washing

In most smaller parks there are no hand washing facilities so we take wet wipes. Due to the environmental impact of disposable wet wipes I take my Reusable Cheeky Wipes. These can be bought in a kit with wet bags for taking out with you or you can just throw a few into a snack bag and sandwich bag.

I'm taking mine soaked in water and anti bacterial hand wash and then popped into a bag wet. I take an extra bag to pop the used ones in afterwards.

I still took some anti bacterial hand gel out with me for a belts and braces approach.

Wiping down equipment

This is slightly impractical for much of the equipment but on the swings I could at least sanitise a specific area of chain.

I added some of the gel to a wipe to give the swing chains a wipe over after we'd used them to protect the next child.


Lets face it kids will always want snacks at the park. Instead of taking snacks that require lots of handling we took a pouch of yogurt with us. A pouched snack is the perfect park snack. Your hands don't need to touch the spout so it's perfectly safe to eat from even with grubby hands.

Go reusable to help save waste and fill with fruity puree, Jelly, yogurt, porridge, weetabix or smoothies.

Banana's are also a great option as they come in their own protective skin.

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July 06, 2020 — Suzanne Moore

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