It's National Picnic week this week and the weather is for once playing ball with temperatures set to reach over 30 degrees! 

Picnic week for me normally marks the wind down to the summer holidays with sports days and lots of trips to the park. Obviously It's all gone a bit Topsy Turvy this year but the humble Picnic has never been so important for us as a nation.

By definition picnic can be anything from a quick perch with a sandwich to a leisurely day with blankets strewn and a mountain of food and drinks, quiches, crudites and dips. However you do it, it all boils down to going out and taking food with you.

I'm much happier to take out food that I've packed myself rather than having to find food whilst out. My kids don't want to wait for food or socially distant queue and neither do I when we could be sat enjoying some tasty treats already (without anyone whining about being hungry). 

 Picnic food in reusable bags

Having a picnic with friends and family is also now back on the menu so it's a great way to meet up, enjoy the Great British Countryside whilst keeping some fresh air and social distance between us. Each household can take their own blankets, their own foods and drinks and still have a thoroughly lovely time (especially when the sun shines)

Picnic the Waste Free Way

When Cheeky Wipes contacted me a while back to suggest a collaboration for Picnic week I jumped at the chance. I love my Cheeky Wipes and have admired their business for years but being out of the Baby phase I initially thought I'd missed the boat. But...

CHEEKY WIPESLast July (influenced by Plastic Free July) I bought a Hands & face premium kit which consisted of 25 wipes and a box to keep them in. There are various types of wipes to choose from and I chose the Rainbow coloured Bamboo Velour ones. They are super soft on one side and more like a flannel on the other side which is perfect for more persistent grime. I use them every day for wiping up spills in the kitchen and there's always a few stashed in one of my snack bags for trips out with the kids. It's like having several mini flannels with me which is perfect!

It's been ages since I've needed to buy or use a disposable wipe to clean the kids hands and faces when out. I just wish I'd bought them sooner when the kids were little. I dread to think how many packs of disposable wipes I have thrown away! Joe Wicks has even been converted to using them (can someone have a word with him about my pouches?)

Don't judge me but with the volume of nature wee's we've had to do recently we have also used them to wipe ourselves after a tinkle in the bushes (I take a separate bag to take them home in). This won't shock anyone at Cheeky Wipes HQ though. They also sell reusable makeup wipes. period pants and toilet sets so there's something for everyone to make an impact on their waste.

girl eating from a yogurt pouch

Simple Tips for Waste Free Picnics

  • Take a reusable Drinks Bottle for water
  • Take a flask of coffee/tea or a reusable cup if you're buying
  • Take reusable plates and cutlery. We just take our normal stuff or the kids old plastic plates. 
  • Take reusable wipes for washing mucky hands and faces
  • Try to make what you can or buy in large packs rather than individually wrapped food.
  • Pack your picnic in reusable boxes or bags - avoid cling film and disposable wrappers. Our Reusable snack bags and Sandwich bags are perfect!
  • Use our reusable pouches for yogurts and smoothies!
  • Ensure you use an ice pack or freeze your reusable pouches with water, juice or smoothie inside. You can drink them afterwards!
  • Don't litter! Take all your waste home with you to help avoid overflowing bins.


 This Friday (Friday 26th to Monday 29th June) one lucky winner will win a bundle of NOM NOM KIDS goodies (4 sandwich bags, 10 snack bags, 4 pouches, a wash-off pen and a cotton storage bag)(RRP£32.50) PLUS a CHEEKY WIPES Premium Hands and Faces Kit (RRP £32.95) which contains 25 reusable cloth wipes, a 'fresh' box container for storage, a soaking solution of essential oils for keeping them smelling fresh while they're waiting to be used, and both a fresh and mucky wet bag for taking your wipes out with you - and home again!).

Wait for the Instagram giveaway posts to go live on Friday and then... 

  1. Follow both brands on Instagram (@cheekywipes and @nomnomkids) and
  2. Tag two friends you'd like to picnic with

We'll let you know w/c 29th June if you're the lucky winner.

And in the meantime, Cheeky Wipes has 10% off your first order when you sign up to their Newsletter!

Find out more about Cheeky Wipes on their FAQ page or SHOP 




June 23, 2020 — Suzanne Moore

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