I know how convenient ready made pouches are for feeding your little ones. and don't worry, I'm not writing to guilt you into stopping buying them completely in this post but I do want to ask you to start recycling them rather than automatically throwing them away.

I would obviously love it if more parents would give reusable pouches a go and use them to feed homemade baby food, smoothies or yogurts rather than buying them all ready filled. They can save so much waste and save you so much money....not to mention that you know exactly what your little one is eating. 

BUT....I completely understand....those store bought pouches are so helpful when you suddenly find yourself with no food for a hungry little one or you have no way of keeping anything homemade cool. I've been there too. But I have a really big problem with the waste....An incredible amount of pouches are used each day all over the world and the UK is a massive culprit - the majority of this packaging goes straight to landfill.

Please read how you can recycle your pouches and help save so much waste....

supermarket shelf

How can I recycle my pouches?

Even if you are out and about just squeeze out any leftover food and pop the cap back on (rinse off any mess on the outside). Take them home and keep them all together in a bag and then take them to your local Flexible Plastics Recycling point. These are mainly at larger supermarkets and you can now recycle all plastic film along with pouches.









September 03, 2017 — Suzanne Moore

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