Avoiding waste when Weaning September 10 2015, 0 Comments

It’s recommended to give your baby a wide variety of foods when you start weaning so they experience all the different flavours and textures. Some may be liked more than others but with that variety can come waste as your baby is only eating such tiny amounts of each food and maybe rejecting some too (and maybe you aren't too keen on some ingredients yourself). 

So many ingredients come as a large plant or in huge bags at the supermarket and quite a lot can get wasted even if you are making up meals for your baby in bulk and freezing.  It can take some quite impressive planning to ensure that you use up all of your ingredients before they start to turn!

One novel way to avoid some of this waste is to share ingredients with friends who are also weaning or even share cooked food together? 

You could each cook a different puree at home, divide into portions and then share the portions between you.  Make it a weekly meet up where you all cook the day before or in the morning and then swap meals which could keep you going for the next few days or throw them in the freezer for the weeks ahead. Your baby will get a good variety of foods and maybe even try things that you might not have considered before.

You could agree menus in advance or go for pot luck!

If following Baby lead Weaning you can share foods by roasting up large batches of root vegetables or sharing foods that you would normally waste if it was just you and the baby eating it.

Maybe it's even as basic as bringing along your leftover vegetables each time you meet and swapping for something else that you do need.

You could do this with your NCT friends who have similar aged babies or maybe friends that you’ve met through a baby massage class? 

Does anyone already do anything like this? Would you consider it? Could we start a new trend? Of course our Reusable Food Pouches would be great for storing all those purees!