I have researched every brand of Reusable food pouches and discovered that our Nomnomkids reusable food pouches have the widest opening around!

The wide opening makes our pouches really easy to fill without making a mess and also makes them really easy to clean because you can get your whole hand or the head of a brush right inside. Even the most stubborn food an be cleaned away.

The size of our pouch is unique in that you can touch every part of the pouch and therefore ensure that you get it perfectly clean.


  • Our original Animal 140ml pouch has an opening of 12.4cm (4.9 inches)
  • Our Monster 200ml pouch has an opening of 13.4cm (5.3 inches)

Most pouches available have openings that vary from 8 to 10cm.  The smaller of which really requires a funnel to help fill them. One brand doesn't have an opening at all but must be filled and cleaned through the spout using a special filling station. I don't know about you but here's no space in my kitchen for any more equipment and I just wouldn't trust it to get clean or dry!

It's not just the wide opening that makes our pouches so easy to fill & clean.  The wide gusset on the opposite side helps the pouch stand up all on it's own so you have free hands when filling. It also ensures that your pouch can stay completely wide open in the dishwasher.  The gusset enables the pouch to expand and fill with more food so make sure your pouch opens fully before filling by blowing into it.  

We have also discovered that our pouches have the strongest zip seal. It's so strong that my 5 year old can jump on a filled pouch and it doesn't burst. I can even stand on one myself. I tried this with some of our competitors pouches and I got very wet feet.

We have lots of happy customers who agree that our pouches are the easiest to fill and clean. We have so many 5 star reviews on our website, Ebay and Amazon. 

I know I am biased but I really believe that our pouches are the best option around. I am happy to put my money where my pouch is and give you a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase! I will also replace pouches that break before they've been used 40 times.

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*based on all baby / toddler reusable food pouches

October 10, 2016 — Suzanne Moore

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