Since launching Nom Nom Kids I have discovered so many interesting blogs and met (virtually) some lovely supportive people.  I want to introduce you all to some of the brilliant blogs that we love and give you a bit more information about them....

Today we introduce...Baby Toddler Foods

babytoddlerfoodsLibby describes herself as Just a regular mum on her Instagram page which has a massive 25,000 followers worldwide! Libby has 2 little ones aged 2 and 4, She followed Baby led Weaning with both and is constantly on the look-out for inspiration to make their mealtimes healthy and fun. What’s great about Libby’s feed is it’s real. She posts the good and the bad. She’s honest about what the kids are eating and what they refused. She pretty much posts every meal so she can inspire others to make the same. .She also has a blog but most of Libby’s posts are via Instagram.

baby toddler foods

Why did you start your Instagram page ?

I was starting to wean my second baby and I'd got quite slack with the healthy food for toddler. I was on Instagram and found some ace pages so decided to start my own page literally to document what I'd  given baby and if she liked it or not and the recipe. I never thought anyone would follow me back! Someone asked me to start a blog so they could find my recipes easier. I'm not very good at keeping it up to date !!! 

How would you describe your Instagram page and blog

A very truthful account of what I feed my girls with an occasional few bits that I have found funny on other IG pages! 

What positives have you got from blogging?

The main benefit from blogging what I feed my girls is continual inspiration from other pages I keep finding! Also finding new products that I never would have known existed. For a massive example the nom nom pouches, they have saved my ass on more occasions than I care to remember!! 

Are there any negatives to blogging?

I think that sometimes mums can be put off by 'perfect littles pictures' on Instagram and have an unreal idea of what they should be 'living up to'. I love to post exactly what they have or haven't eaten and the mess after and the struggles that we all face feeding our kids to ensure (hopefully!!) no one feels that way about me. 

How do you see your Instagram page changing as your children grow?

Just different recipes as their taste buds change and develop. 

What was your most popular/widely shared post/photo

A recipe that I copied  from another Instagram page for coconut flour tray bakes. They were Delish but I got over 400 likes and I'm not sure why on that particular post!! At the time my other pics were getting generally 30/40 likes! 

What are your favourite reusable pouch recipes?

    • baby toddler foods imageGreek yogurt, milk, banana, honey (not for under 1's) and some porridge oats whizzed in the food processor is a great breakfast smoothie
    • Greek yogurt, avocado, and mixed frozen berries is a great way of hiding veg
    • porridge (idea stolen from @bramble_bites) in the pouch is a great way of getting a warming breakfast into little ones with minimal mess - win!!  

Why do you like our pouches

Honestly they are just brilliant! You Save massive amounts of money on shop bought pouches. My baby only wants puréed food when teething but will not be spoon fed. It's so easy to pour smoothies, soup or porridge in a pouch and let her crack on!! It's nice to use up fruit that's on the way out in a smoothie and either give it straight away or freeze it. Massive time saver and and money saver. Genius!! 

I have to say a massive thank you to Libby who has featured our Reusable Pouches in so many Instagram Posts over the last few months and has been really supportive. We have also recently made her a brand ambassador for Nomnomkids.

I can highly recommend giving BabyToddlerFoods a follow on Instagram. Don't forget to follow NomNomKids too!

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October 11, 2016 — Suzanne Moore

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