I got an early morning text today at 7am from a friend of mine asking if it was safe to pour hot apple puree into her Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouches. I replied immediately that although the pouches have no problem with being filled with boiling hot apple puree, I would worry about her scalding herself if any dripped onto her hands.  I also worried that her 3 year old Sebastian might try to reach for them on the counter if he saw them as he is a big fan of his Lion Pouches.

I advised that she should place the hot pan in some cold water and wait until it had cooled enough not to scald which didn't take long at all.

The reason for the early morning question was that she was taking Sebastian swimming along with a friend and her 1 year old son. It's always a bit manic trying to get the kids dried and dressed after swimming and then trying to get yourself dried and dressed before they make a bid for the cubicle door.

So Sebastian and Oliver sat eating their pouches whilst their mum's got dressed. Oliver wolfed all of his down whilst Sebby kept some back to eat whilst the mums had a coffee in the cafe afterwards.

Little ones always get a bit tired, hungry and thirsty after a swim so a pouch of fruit puree is a great healthy snack that won't ruin their lunch and will boost their sugar levels just enough to keep meltdowns at bay!

Thank you for the photo's Sebastian & Oliver...two gorgeous British boys living in Switzerland

After swimming, they all popped to a local farm  and collected fresh apples ready for the next batch of Apple Puree. This seasons new crop were just being picked.....you can't get fresher than that in a pouch!

Sebastian & Oliver were at the Zollikon Hallenbad in Zurich.



August 15, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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