We love the  Eats Amazing Blog at Nom Nom Kids.  Every day Grace makes her small child nutritiously imaginative lunches that he takes proudly to school. She often packs a yoghurt or smoothie in with lunch to ensure a balanced meal for Small boy and he loves our pouches. Grace's second child aka Small Baby is now getting in on the act and has been trying out our pouches too.  In today's blog post you can see that Grace is seeing the benefits of serving yogurts in a pouch rather than with a spoon.

Grace explained "I had weaned Small Baby onto food using a rough version of Babyled Weaning, which involved starting with finger food and skipping purees altogether, so it never occurred to me to try the pouches on Small Baby.....He had seen his big brother drinking a homemade smoothie from the brightly coloured pouch, and tried desperately to get his hands on it.  This was a light bulb moment for me – why not give him one too and see how he does?

I half-filled one with natural yoghurt and gave it to him, half expecting him to just play with it.  Not when food is involved though – Small Baby was straight in there, wolfing it straight down (he likes his yogurt!). Better than that though was the fact that he didn’t spill a drop of it – zero mess, what a revelation! He has his yoghurt in the pouches every day now, and he loves them so much that he gets them out of the draw that they are stored in and brings them to me several times a day, begging to have them filled up! We even took them on holiday, they were perfect for both boys for picnics on the beach.

I thought it would be fun to show in pictures just how much difference Nom Nom Kids pouches have made to our mess levels at meal times.  Here’s a comparison: Nom Nom Kids pouches vs a bowl and spoon:"

I think we can all agree that the pouch wins hands down!!

Read Grace's full blog post & enter to win one of 3 sets of 5 pouches here

August 12, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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