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Whilst making today's smoothies I decided to put the sugar content table to the test. I made our favourite green smoothies which contains the ingredients and volumes in the below table.  (I used the data in our fruit sugar table to get the sugar per 100g values for the fruits and googled the vegetable data)

INGREDIENTS sugars per 100g qty used total sugars
APPLE 13.3g 120g 15.96g
KIWI 10.5g 80g 8.4g
CUCUMBER 1.7g 80g 1.36g
SPINACH 0.4g 25g 0.1g
WATER 0g 50ml 0g
CHIA SEEDS 0.2g 7g 0g


All of the above ingredients made just under 500ml of smoothie which I didvided up for myself, Stanley and nancy. I had 200ml and the kids will have 140ml each after school/Kindergarten.

To work out how much each pouch of smoothie contained I first added up all the sugars to give me the total sugar content, divided it by the total volume and then multiplied by 100 ((25.82g/500ml)x100) to give me the total sugars per 100g.

I then multiplied the result by the smoothie volume and then divided by 100 ((5.16gx140ml)/100)) and  ((5.16gx200ml)/100))

total volume made 500ml
total sugars 25.82g
sugars per 100ml 5.16g
portion size 140ml 200ml
total sugars 7.22g 10.32g


I worked out that my 200ml smoothie portion contained 10.32g of sugar (just 5.16g per 100ml!) and the kids smaller 140ml portion contained just 7.22g of sugars. I have to say that I was pleasantly suprised!

The sugars are all natural and made up of naturally ocurring Glucose, Sucrose and Fructose. This smoothie is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre so it's low in sugar and super healthy too!

Can you work out your favourite smoothie?

March 10, 2016 — Suzanne Moore


Juliette said:

Cool, it would be great if the per 100g of sugar was on all the recipes! Great to see smoothies that are less than my son’s favorite fromage frais!

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