Upcycling and Recycling your pouches

Our products are really durable but eventually they will reach the end of their working lives. If this happens within 3 months of purchase or after fewer than 50 uses just get in touch with us via e-mail at suzanne@nomnomkids.co.uk


Our favourite way to give our products an extra life after they've been used it to re-purpose them as seed planters. They're great for growing seedlings or herbs.

cut a couple of holes in the pouch gusset and then fill with compost. sew your seeds as per the instructions. Ensure to keep them watered and watch them grow.


Our reusable products can't currently be recycled kerbside but they can be recycled at numerous drop off locations at major supermarkets via a new Flexible Plastics recycling scheme.

Check for your nearest collection point HERE

Find out more information about this scheme HERE

Our squeeze pouches can also be recycled via TERRACYCLE. Click HERE to find a local collection point.