Testimonials for Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouch:

Victoria - Cheltenham "I was so mindful of how many plastic pouches I was throwing away with my first baby, not to mention how awful they tasted, now my second is approaching weaning age I was looking for an alternative and thank goodness I found you! Hurrah for Nom Nom Kids!!"

Liesbeth - Utrecht "Amélie really likes the pouches!! Just ate her apple compote... ! She did not eat well last days because of high fever, but thought the pouches were great! "

Rebecca - Bedfordshire "She loves the pouches! Thankfully she's now back to her old self and eating well but it means I can take good food out with us and she happily plays with one for ages finding the lion while waiting for her food. I can get her to finish some she's left too if she's being picky by putting it in one of them. Such a brilliant idea - I've been recommending them to everyone!"

Sally - Cheltenham  "It's not only babies that love these pouches. I have been using these for yoghurt for my 9 year old daughter to take in her school packed lunch. I can now give her good quality yoghurt in reusable packaging rather than sugar laden over packaged children's brands. It's saving me a fortune. I did wonder if she might be too old for the graphics but she thinks they are great fun as do her school friends!!"

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love this product, 23 March 2016
Absolutely love these and so does my daughter. Of the 8 children that we used them to feed, all 8 loved them and I will order more next month as my daughter enjoys having them for lunch which massively helps with teething woes.
5.0 out of 5 stars Baby loved sucking her meal from a pouch, 2 December 2015
on God send with early very smooth weaning. Baby loved sucking her meal from a pouch when out and about so very convenient. As our baby got older I have found them to be ideal for fruit smoothie style snacks.
5.0 out of 5 stars Love these pouches 9 November 2015
Brilliant. My baby LOVES the Ella's squeeze pack so I got these pouches so we can make our own. Complete score - easy to clean, baby loves them, and meets every expectation.
5.0 out of 5 stars Above all excellent product and service., 8 Feb. 2015
By StephanieC Brilliant pouches and excellent customer service. Will definitely buy more. My baby got the hang of using these really quick and you should see her face when i grab a pouch out of the fridge - she mostly gets plain yogurt sometimes thinned out with coconut milk - but these are real pleasers in our house. Toddler loves them too!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great!!!, 5 Jan. 2015
By HP  Amazing pouches! My baby has become so fussy with spoon feeding and hand held food, but loves pouches. These are so much more cheaper than buying ready made from the shop! They are easy to clean, I just rinse them in hot water then leave them to soak, all the food is removed easily. They also freeze and defrost easily! Don't buy one of those filling station gadgets where you need to buy new pouches each time, reusable is much better.
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Review by Jen at All About Kids "Both the pouches and the snack bags contain no nasty chemicals and is a fantastic alternative to shop bought pouches"

Review by Mummy in a Tutu "I have to say this product has been completely brilliant for me. It uses less space in the freezer as they stand in a line in one drawer, they don't come open (in my experience) and leak everywhere and one of the best things is that I can label what I have made so it is not a guessing game. I am tempted to get some more so that I can make loads and give up pots forever!"

Review by Bramblebites "These really are one of my favourite weaning products so far, I would recommend them to any new parent. I always try to think of any downside there be to a product when reviewing but I’ve yet to come across anything off putting"

Review by BabyToddlerFoods "These pouches really are a game changer!! From making your own purees, to smoothies, soups, porridge…… The uses for these pouches are endless! You can even freeze them and pop in with the rest of your lunch to keep it cool in the summer and have a defrosted smoothie a few hours later! Honestly these pouches really have saved my life on more occasions than I care to remember"

Review by Babi a Fi "I was super impressed with these, and they also got a seal of approval from Nanny Wendy when we tried them out at my parents' house. We even let Marianna have one in the car which, given Marianna's ability to make mess, is really saying something!"

Review by Lylia Rose Blog "Once sealed, the pouches are amazingly secure.  I have thrown them into my change bag, which literally has everything just thrown in, and they survived."

Review by Kats Delicious Kitchen "I have been using these pouches for both toddler J and baby C for a few weeks now and we’re extremely pleased with the quality! With its double zipper side opening I haven’t had any leakage even with smoothies!"

Review by Herniman House "I’ve looked in to several different pouches and although I haven’t tried them all, I reckon these have got to be among the best.

Review by Adventures of an allergy mummy "I was really pleased with how easy it had been to create a super healthy snack that (hopefully) my children, especially my son, wouldn't refuse. Breakfast was served, the childrens eyes were instantly caught by the design on the pouches and both said 'oh wow'. The puree's were in their bellys within minutes and to my surprise my son said 'more! more!'."

Review by Play and Learn every day  "I like these ones because you don't need some sort of big contraption to fill them, you just have pouches and lids.  The side of the pouch opens (like a sandwich bag) you spoon in the purée or smoothie and then seal it up and you're done"

Review by Beau is Blue "We have used yoghurt in the pouches mainly as Baby E eats what we eat and doesn't like the shop bought pouches, so this is ideal for us. I just can't get over at how well he took to them. They are now in our day to day life, if we are out and about I usually pack a pouch in the changing bag.  They are relatively mess free too which is a bonus!"

Review by Eats Amazing "Such is my trust in their non-leaky properties, I have happily sent homemade milkshakes to school in these pouches without a second thought.  I make up a batch and freeze it in the pouches, then pack a frozen pouch in Small Child’s lunch bag alongside his lunch box.  The frozen pouch keeps the lunch cool, and defrosts enough to be ready to drink by lunch time."

Review by What's good to do "They are very handy as they can be filled and frozen in order to keep them chilled for a picnic or packed lunches, I also think they would be brilliant to take out and about when weaning your baby."

Review by Days with the Grays "This is the clever part as there is a zip lock on the side so you can spoon or pour food contents in without making an awful mess. Then once filled just seal the zip lock and get rid of excess air and you are ready to go"

Review by Baby in My Backpack "They open at the side by lifting a tab and using the resealable zip closing. I was concerned about how secure this would be and how easily little fingers could open it. But actually it closes very tightly with no leakage and J wasn’t able to get into it."

Review by Mummy 2 Monkeys "When they arrived I knew instantly Jake would love them. They are so colourful with animals design. They looked just the right size too for little hands :)"

Review by Innocent Charmer "I have seen other pouches on the market (not used any) and what I liked about Nom-Nom pouches was how you just fill them with a spoon, you just unzip the pouch, fill to the line and seal the pouch, it is that simple.

Review by My Family Fever "The pouches don't leak, no matter how much abuse they get - we have tried them in packed lunch boxes, picnic bags and even my chaotic changing bag which is full of everything but the kitchen sink"

Review by Rock n Roller Baby "The novelty and ease of the pouch with food children will like and cheaper and cleaner for the environment! Win win I say!"

Review by Lou & Nate  "Nom Nom Kids make refillable pouches which are perfect for weaning or carrying snacks for an older toddler. I have found it holds the perfect amount of custard to satisfy Nate"

Review by What Charlie Wore "these are excellent little pouches, great for little mouths and even smaller mouths"

Review by Jelly Rose Yate "Scarlett loves the colourful animal design on the pouch, especially the hidden lion! Roar!"

Review by Squeaky Baby "I love being able to quickly prepare something she sees as a real treat by simply pouring a pot of yogurt or chocolate pudding into a pouch - I feel like SuperMum!"