Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouches are compatible with many of the pouch accessories available world-wide. if you have any of the below products you can be assured that they will fit our pouches.

Filling Stations

A few fillable pouch companies developed large filling stations to enable you to fill their pouches via the spout. None of these filling stations are needed to fill the Nom Nom Kids Reusable pouches but if you have one lying around you can switch to our pouches to make cleaning easier! Infantino have a squeeze station that allows you to fill 3 pouches at a time but their pouches are not re-usable and must be thrown away after each use. Fill n Squeeze claim to be reusable pouches but cleaning is tricky as you must attempt to clean them also through the spout. Another new brand on the market is Smooth Pack from Scandinavia which allows you to fill 4 pouches at a time.

Pouch Spoons

Pouch spoons attache to the end of your pouch and allow you to squeeze smooth foods directly into them so you can feed baby with one hand. Nom Nom Kids pouches are compatible with all the pouch spoons currently available on the market.


Our pouches are compatible with the caps from Ella's Kitchen, Plum, Annabel Karmel, Peter Rabbit, Hipp and all others available on the UK market.

Pouch Tops

Pouch tops fit over the spout of pouches to restrict the flow and also protect babies gums from the hard plastic spouts on pouches. they are ideal for younger babies just starting to self feed from pouches or for any age if you would prefer a softer spout to feed from. 

Pouch handles

Chub Chub Baby developed a pouch handle to help babies hold pouches and stop them from squeezing them. Our pouches are also compatible with these although I am yet to see these available in the UK.


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