Product Instructions

BEFORE YOU START: Blow into the spout to open the pouch fully and wash in warm water before the first use.

Fill me

Screw the cap onto the pouch until you feel resistance. Open the pouch by pulling the side tabs close to the zip tape with DRY hands.
Stand the pouch on its side and fill using a spoon or jug up to the max fill line. Seal the zip lock whilst squeezing out any excess air. This will help keep your snack fresher for longer. Pack in your lunchbox with an ice block, freeze for another day or keep in the fridge.

*If opening feels really tricky then warm the zip between the palms of your hands or open whilst submerged in warm water - this allows you to open the pouches more easily.

How easy are the pouches are to fill straight from a blender?


Eat me

Hold the pouch upright & unscrew the cap. When feeding a weaning baby, squeeze the food onto a spoon or attach a pouch spoon. Older babies and children can suck from the spout.

If feeding very thick foods, fold the seal back on itself to ensure that the seal does not burst when squeezing. Replace the cap after use to avoid any crusting.

Take the pouch home to be washed thoroughly.

Warm me

Carefully place the sealed pouch in a bowl of hot water for 1 - 2 minutes until the contents reach the right temperature for feeding. Knead or squash the pouch in your hands to mix the contents.

Always test the food yourself before feeding to your baby. Do not warm in a microwave as this can cause hot spots.

Clean me

By hand: Use a bottle brush in warm soapy water. Ensure all food is removed from the spout by running water through. Use a brush to remove stubborn food. Do the same with the cap.

By dishwasher: rinse the cap and pouch to remove any excess food. Insert the open pouch into the top tray of the dishwasher with the opening facing down. Place over 2 spikes to keep it open. Place the cap over a spike too. Shake off excess water and leave to dry with the pouch kept open. Ensure the pouch is fully dry before folding flat to store.

Every now and again it is advised to sterilise the pouch in a cold water sterilising solution such as Milton™.


• Do not overfill the pouch.
• Do not use for very lumpy food, the lumps will get caught in the spout.
• If the spout gets blocked, blow into the pouch to clear the blockage.
• It is not advised to warm the pouch in the microwave or use in a steam steriliser
• stop using a pouch that shows signs of tearing or damage.
• Always supervise children under 3 when feeding.

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