How much can they hold?

Up to 2 Litres of food! You can add as little as you like although probably best for storing 500ml to 1.5L if you want them to lie flatter.

Can they be filled with hot food?

The bags can withstand hot food BUT hot foods are more likely to stain the bags so we recommend adding tomato based or curry based meals into the bags cold.

Do they lie flat for freezing?

If the bags are filled with 1 litre of food or less they lie pretty flat. If you have more food inside they are less flat.

How does the band work?

The band helps keep the bag open for filling. Stand the bag up with the base popped open. place the band over the top of the bag and settle it half way down the bag. Rearrange the inside of the bag so it stays open.

Can you heat them in the Microwave?

NO! Although the bags are technically safe in the microwave and will not leach chemicals during microwaving, the bags could be damaged during heating.

How do you defrost them

Ideally frozen food should be slowly defrosted in the fridge. BUT if you need to defrost it quicker, stand the bag in cold water. This helps to defrost the food quicker than even standing at room temperature. if you won't be home for many hours put the bag in cold water as soon as you wake up and then transfer to the fridge before you go out.

Will they stain?

Over time all plastics will stain to some extent when storing particular foods. By adding the foods cold you can reduce the staining. By washing effectively after use you can also reduce the staining. Remember though that an orange tint does not mean that the bag is actually dirty.

When its sunny you can also hang them out to be naturally bleached by the sun.

How do you clean them?

This does depend on what you have filled the bags with. Oily tomato based foods like Bolognese where tomato and meat fat mixes or curry based dishes. Our favourite way to wash is:

  1. Fill your bag half way with very warm water and a bit of washing up liquid. Seal the bag and give it a really good shake whilst holding the zip so it won’t open (just in case).
  2. Once all the bits of food are loose you can pour the water out. If the food was really oily you can also fill the bag right to the top with hot soapy water and then seal and leave it to soak for a while.
  3. Squirt a bit of washing up liquid onto a cloth, soft sponge or brush and wipe it into the seams of the bag. You can even do this with your fingers. This also ensures that you’ve opened the base right up and there’s nowhere for any oil or food to hide.
  4. Now wash up the bag in the bowl and give it a good wash inside and out with a cloth or brush – never use a scourer or rough sponge though.
  5. If there are any stubborn bits of food along the seams just use the corner of a cloth to help wipe it away.
  6. Rinse a few times and give the bag a good shake.

Other cleaning options are distilled vinegar spray or bicarbonate of soda. Milton solution can also help if there are any persistent odours.

How do you clean in the dishwasher?

These will fit on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Before washing, give the bags a good rinse like step 1 above. If the bags are still quite dirty at this point it would be worth doing step 2 or 3. It really does depend on what you filled the bag with and how oily it is.

Do NOT use the hottest setting on the dishwasher.

Always make sure that the base is fully popped out before washing and pour out any excess water from the base after the wash has finished. To help the bags dry quicker after the dishwasher, rinse in hot water, shake and stand open to dry.

How do you remove the pen?

If you have bought one of the pens from Nom Nom Kids then simply add some neat washing up liquid over the writing and rub it in with a damp cloth. If you have used a permanent marker and it's not removing with washing up liquid then try some rubbing alcohol and get yourself one of our pens for next time! BUY HERE

How do you dry the bags?

Ensure the bag is fully opened at the base and turn upside down. The bag will stand up on it’s own or you can rest it over a cup on a drainer

I need help!

That's OK. I'm Suzanne from Nom Nom Kids will help. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact and I will get back to you.