Reusable food Pouch - Weaning Kit x 10 pouches by Nom Nom Kids


Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouches are the ideal solution for baby weaning. The pouches are perfect for storing homemade baby food. All of our reusable products are freezer safe and will keep your food frost free as the air can be fully expelled before sealing.

Each baby pouch can be warmed through by placing in a jug of hot water so they ideal for taking homemade baby food on the go so you can reheat baby food safely and conveniently whilst out and about. 

Even after you finish feeding your baby pureed food you can keep using them for fruit purees, compote, yogurts, jelly, smoothies and puddings.

10 x 140ml Animal pouches, 5 x Spare caps, 1 x Non-permanent pen + free gift of 1 x monster snack bag!!

Each pouch in this weaning kit holds upto 140ml/4.5oz of thick liquid food (i.e. purees, yogurts, puddings)

  • BPAPhthalate & PVC Free
  • Easy Clean
  • Easy Fill
  • Freezer Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe

Dimensions excluding spout = 108mm x 140mm

Dimensions including spout = 108mm x 165mm

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