Long gone are the days when we’d rely purely on our trusty Annabel Karmel recipe book for baby weaning ideas. Now there’s a massive choice of books and information. And that’s no disrespect to the Queen of Wean! In fact, the idea of having one source of information with so many other books to choose from feels positively delicious.

You only have to Google the subject to see that baby weaning books have boomed in recent years. And every child nutritionist, blogger and celebrity Mum thinks they know best. It’s positively overwhelming.

My feeling is that it’s not just about having a weaning plan or some tried and tested baby food combos. In fact, it’s not just about recipes. Weaning is so much more. It’s about reaching the holy grail of eating as a family, it’s continuing the philosophy of choice through every stage of a child’s life and …enjoying food!  That’s the best bit, right?

So, having researched A LOT over the years and been through the process twice myself, I’d like to share my thoughts on the three best baby weaning books on the market right now.

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First up, Young Gums by Insta sensation, Beth Bentley. ‘A Modern Mama's Guide to Happy, Healthy Weaning.’ The newest book on the shelves Is super stylish to look at and does exactly what is says on the tin.

It’s packed with a bunch of unique recipes that will really get you thinking. Plus, lots of advice, tips and shopping lists for cool food trends that are as fresh and simple as the Young Gums book itself. No fuss – just lots of clean, quick and affordable ways to inspire parents.

Beth's philosophy on weaning is mindful and that spoon feeding and baby-led weaning can co-exist happily with a best of both policy. I personally love this as there are definitely times when baby needs a little help.

There are plenty of recipes that I will happily be making for the whole family such as Malaysian coconut fish curry, Melting middle meatballs and the baby burrito bowl...I can't wait to try magic pizza too, made with gram (chickpea) flour.

The sweet bakes are all packed full of healthy ingredients and refined sugar free and Beth has even included some Mama treats to nourish yourself! save these for nap time.

 young gums page  young gums page


By Michela and Emanuela Chiappa. Sisters on a mission to simplify weaning in three steps – baby, toddler and family.

Baby at the Table is Weaning the Italian way.  Which is just as you’d assume. Surrounded by delicious, fresh and simple foods all prepared and enjoyed around the kitchen table.  Where food is an event and a celebration. The Chiappa's start the Italian way with Baby Brodino which is a vegetable broth that you can add flavours too as you progress.

It’s a clever blend of a parenting guide / cook book and a concept which is very unpretentiousness – just simple ingredients for interesting and speedy meals and snacks. 

recipe page  recipe page

The Chiappa sisters are not Baby led weaning advocates, they embrace finger foods but not the BLW philosophy. Although this may seem controversial these days, this book has amazing combinations of flavours with some of the prettiest puree colours you have ever seen and plenty of  recipes to be eaten with fingers or cutlery.

I love the family one-pot meals and the egg bomb ideas to add a bit of extra goodness and protein to some basic recipes.


Be prepared to have your mind…blown! Author, Zainab, believes in preparing your baby for flavours reflective of your personal home cooking. Boom!

Feeding a baby foods and flavours that were unlike anything they’d be eating in the future and then transitioning to family meal times just seemed crazy to Zainab. Weaning by flavour encourages a positive relationship with food, and more than that - an excitement about a new dish being served up. Imagine! No protests over meals they’ve never tried before.

recipe page  recipe page

The theory behind this makes total sense. And once you’ve got your head around this book, it’s so intuitive and easy. Zainab starts with simple puree's and gradually adds more flavours and textures. Who couldn't resist Sweet potato, coconut and Lime or sweet pepper Guacamole puree!

Unlike Zainab's previous book Indian Super Meals, this one is a complete guide to weaning with herbs and spices...not just Indian inspired flavours though.

I love that this book finishes with some really delicious sounding "Big Table" meals for the whole family from 12 month onwards.

There you have it. Three fantastic weaning books which I believe cover all bases.  Each book guides you through the weaning process and the various stages in it's own brilliant way. Each will inspire you for future family meals where you can all sit and eat the same thing. 

So, you can stop Googling, scrolling through book reviews and empty your overflowing book shelf. Pop these three books in your shopping basket, along with some of our reusable pouches and you’re good to go or pick the one you like the idea of best. 

So many of the recipes in the books can be stored and served in our reusable food pouches or snack bags. They are a fantastic way to take out your home made creations or freeze them for future use.

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August 08, 2018 — Suzanne Moore

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