Stocking Fillers December 11 2016, 0 Comments

If you're struggling to find an extra something to pop in your little ones stocking or need a little present to give to a mum friend then give our snack bags some consideration.

stocking filler

Our reusable snack bags are so handy, they can help save money, reduce waste and encourage kids to eat more healthy snacks. It may all sound a bit boring and practical but kids love them.

Of course it's Christmas and we all love a treat so fill them with festive treats and pop one in their stocking with their name on....It's much more fun and personal. 

If you've got multiple kids to buy for (maybe your NCT friends or playgroup friends) buy a few large bags of treats. Divide them out into our snack bags. Add their names and you have a cool and inexpensive litle present for them all. Not only have you handed over a smaller portion of treats (which they will never really know) but you've provided mum with something handy she can use again and again.

stocking filler

You can order our snack bags from our website here or pop over to Amazon to order if you prefer here.  Multiple pack pricing below is valid on our website only.


1 pack = £5.50 + £2 delivery

2 packs = £10 + free delivery

3 packs = £14 + free delivery

4 packs = £18 + free delivery

Christmas is coming round really quickly so also note our last order dates for deliveries before Christmas....

UK - order by noon on Tuesday 20th December 2016

Mainland Europe - order by 13th December 2016

All orders are shipped out via Royal Mail 1st class to UK or small parcels to Europe. If you need a more gauranteed service please e-mail me with the details to