I have just got back from The Baby Show at The NEC and I must have explained why Nom Nom Kids pouches are the best on the market hundreds of times to everyone that dropped by our stand but I don't think I say it enough here....so here goes:

The main difference between our pouches and others is the super wide side opening. Our 140ml Animal pouch has an opening wider than any other on the market and our 200ml Monster pouch is even wider so they are really easy to get food into them. I'm not even mentioning the ones where you have to squeeze food in through the spout!


No fancy equipment is required to fill our pouches - just use a spoon or pour straight from the blender. Easy!

side opening

The gusset on the other side combined with the super wide opening helps with filling and cleaning. When filling it allows the pouch to stand up making it really easy to fill. When cleaning it allows the whole pouch to be accessed and keeps it open in the dishwasher. You can see if the pouch isn't clean really easily.

Many of the bottom fill pouches do not stay open in the dishwasher and the thinner ones even fold over so no water is getting into them at all.


Most of the pouches on the market are a pain to get dry after washing. The pouch does not stay open so air can't circulate. Ours do! I love this Boon inc Patch to dry ours on but you can pop them in your drying rack or hang them over your kitchen utensils or knives.


Beware of pouch companies telling you how much their pouches hold. As a developer it's very hard to know how much your pouch will hold until your final production arrives so many sellers are making false claims. Ours hold exactly the amount that we claim.

I hope you agree that our reusable pouches are great. If you don't, just get in touch and tell me why. Our customer's satisfaction is the most important thing and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy.

We also have a 40 use guarantee.

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May 26, 2017 — Suzanne Moore

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