We know that there are lots of parents out there using Nom Nom Kids products to help cope with food allergies. When Amy offered to write all about her experience we jumped at the chance to feature her guest blog. Amy has two children with cow’s milk protein allergy (cmpa), along with allergies to multiple other foods, dust, pollen and cats. The list is long! She runs an amazing website sharing advice and giving support to others dealing with allergies. This is what Amy has to say:

Why I love Nom Nom pouches for my dairy free kids!

As a parent of children with food allergies, I spend a lot of time thinking about food! Searching for suitable food products, cooking from scratch and label checking are now a huge part of day to day life. I’m always trying to find ways to make life a bit easier, and ensure the kids have a varied, balanced and enjoyable diet - despite their restrictions. I was so delighted when I discovered the Nom Nom pouches because they helped do all of those things! Here’s how…

  1. The novelty factor

So often kids with allergies have to make do with dull packaging aimed at grownups, while their friends are eating Paw Patrol fromage frais or Peppa Pig ice lollies. It’s nice if once in a while they can eat the exciting stuff too! My kids both absolutely love the jungle animals and friendly monsters on the nom nom pouches. Just as good as the Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig packaging - but ours are reusable, so they end up cheaper and better for the environment. Hurray!

The novelty factor also cannot be underestimated when it comes to helping with fussy eating. Like many allergy children who had gastric discomfort and reflux when they were younger, my 3 year old can be extremely cautious about what she eats. Introducing anything new is usually a long process, and I’m always looking for anything I can do to make food fun and enjoyable for her. These pouches encouraged her to try smoothies for the first time - and now she loves making smoothies with me and filling up her special animal pouches 💛

  1. Addressing the large yogurt pots issue! 

Other dairy free parents will know what I mean when I say ‘the large yogurt pot issue’! Visit any good sized supermarket and you’ll see shelves and shelves of kid sized yogurts, but it’s really quite rare to find the same when you are shopping for dairy free. The vast majority of dairy free yogurts are sold in family sized pots. Although there are now a couple of smaller sized options available, it's extremely hit and miss as to whether your local supermarket will actually have them in stock!

dairy free yogurts in big pots ready to put into a reusable food pouch

Of course, no-one wants to be lugging around a massive pot of yogurt for a snack on the go, and it’s no good for a school lunchbox. This is where the nom nom pouches are really invaluable. You can divide the yogurt into portions your child will actually eat, and they easily fit in a lunchbox or under the buggy.   

  1. Packing in the calcium

Calcium is often a major concern for parents whose children are dairy free. I will take any opportunity to get some extra calcium in!! Smoothies made with calcium fortified plant milk and yogurt are a fantastic way to do this. In fact, most calcium fortified milks offer the same level of calcium you would get from cow’s milk. 

When I make a smoothie I put a couple of portions straight into reusable pouches and store them in the fridge. They keep for a couple of days, and are really handy to grab as a quick breakfast, snack, or pudding.

  1. Feeling included 

There are a huge range of yogurt ‘suckies’ and pouches available for kids who can eat dairy. Whether it’s at a play group, eating with siblings, or at school, it’s really common to be around other children eating these. Envy and disappointment can quickly set in when your child realises they can’t have the same. This may seem like a small thing, but when you have a child with allergies, it feels really important to ensure they don’t miss out. I know that my kids were so excited when they could finally have squeezy yogurt pouches with their cousins, and my son loves taking a pouch for his school packed lunch. 

 We used to keep a reusable pouch at our kids’ childminders, and asked them to put their dairy free yogurt in one when the other children were having a squeezy yogurt pouch. An easy thing to do that really helped them to feel included.

Recipe inspiration!

Here are some ideas for recipes you can use in your Nom Nom squeezy pouches, all free from dairy, egg & soy:

Blog by Amy from The Allergy Mums Club

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The Allergy Mums Club website is there to provide support for parents of children with allergies. It’s a space for parents to share what they have learnt and help each other. If you need some help managing your child's allergies, you may find this information about where to access free support helpful x


March 10, 2022 — Suzanne Moore

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