This week is Healthy Eating week! A week created by the British Nutrition Foundation to spread awareness and encourage healthy eating:

"We are encouraging everyone to ‘Give it a go’ this Healthy Eating Week. Whether that's trying to have one extra portion of fruit or vegetables a day, being a bit more active, experimenting with a new recipe or using up leftovers - we want everyone to give Healthy Eating Week a go!"

Raising healthy eaters can be really hard. Children often prefer processed foods, refuse veggies and additionally with the cost of living crisis fresh fruit and veg can be so expensive. There is helps at hand though through these websites:

The Simply Veg website has a wealth of information to help parents and care givers encourage their children to eat more veggies.

It's proven that getting kids involved in making meals and snacks can really help them eat a more varied diet. If you want to get your kids involved in the kitchen but not really sure where to start? Check out the Food Fact of Life Website for a handy recipe resource that allows you to select recipes age of child, type of food, complexity and cooking method.

Making Healthy Snacks Fun

At Nom Nom Kids we always want to make healthy snacks fun. We want your little ones to pick the healthy options of fruits and veggies by choice but we also know that today, they're bombarded by marketing and child appealing packaging. That's why our Monster snack bags are so cool! Those cute monsters look like they're eating all their snacks and make simple healthy choices look so much more appealing. And, They're reusable too!

Check them out HERE

Healthy pre-packed snacks

There's so many snacks on the supermarket shelves! With all the healthy marketing claims being debunked recently, it's hard to know what's actually healthy and what's not. 

Here's a fee of the snacks that are responsibly made by small businesses that really care about the claims they make:

Freddie's Farm snacks

A truly sustainable and healthy snack! The fruit is grown on the farm and transported to the food production site on the farm to be pressed into fruit shapes by a patented process that stops them from releasing all their free sugars. Find them here: Freddies Farm Website

Scrapples Crisps

Saving wonky fruit from waste, Scrapples snacks are really tasty apple crisps. Our favourite is the mango flavour. Find them here: Scrapples website

Too busy to keep up with all the new healthy snacks around? why not try a subscription box from A little Big Kid They pick the snacks and your children get to try some new healthy snacks!

Happy Healthy Eating!


June 10, 2024 — Suzanne Moore

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