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I love learning about why fruits and vegetables are so good for us and understanding why we need such a variety in our diet. I find it fascinating how all the various nutrients and vitamins help our bodies and our minds.  The more i know the more willing I am to try new foods and also introduce the kids to them.

There’s a lovely account that I follow on Instagram that tells you all about a new fruit or vegetable each week and explains why they are so good. Happy Healthy Tums was created a by Vanessa, a mum based in The Cotswolds that, like me, has taken a huge interest in what she eats and feeds her family once she had a baby. She is also an avid supporter of Cotswolds produce and eating local and seasonal produce.

To save you from scouring her account I thought I would pop some of my favourite 🌿 Food Fact Friday 🌿 posts in one place for you to read…I have kept the dates in too as Vanessa features produce that is currently in season. Of course in supermarkets most fruits and vegetables are available all year round but there’s nothing better than buying locally grown produce …and even better when you can go pick it yourself off the farm.


courgettePosted 21st July - This week I'm celebrating the lovely courgette ✨✨ We use them loads at this time of year, I'll eat them any way, BBQ, spiralized, and much more. My son loved them to nibble in at weaning, cut into sticks so easy to hold and cooked. These days he's less of a fan of eating them on their own but we put them in lots of dishes so he still gets the goodness, like chilli and pasta dishes. This wonderful vegetable is said to be great for eye health 👀 and has lots of vitamins and minerals that aid general good health ✨ They are high in vitamin A, B6, B2, magnesium, folate, and name a few. Not only that they are super high in omega 3 and protein. Plus the wonderful folate levels in them are said to be great for pregnant mothers! 🤰🏼🤰🏽It's a great vegetable or some say it's actually a fruit, whatever it is make sure to be eating lots of them while they are in season this summer! ☀️☀️☀️

Sugar Snap Peas

sugarsnap peasPosted 14th July - What little hands don't love some tasty seasonal fresh Sugar Snap Peas?! 🖐🏻 Wonderfully in season at the moment so at the most tastiest and being in season also means you can pick them up at the best prices from your local farm shop. These gorgeous little peas have a high concentration of vitamins (including A, C, K, B1 & B6) plus loads of great minerals. Great for growing little people ✨👍🏼 Green peas are also a very good source of manganese, dietary fiber, copper, phosphorus, folate....this list goes on. There's a lot of goodness in these little but great peas. They are said to be good for hearts and regulating the bodies blood sugar levels, as well as eye health. We will be munching on lots of these until they go out of season in October!


strawberriesPosted 7th July - Absolutely obsessed with Strawberries at the moment 🍓🍓🍓They are not only the juiciest and best at this time of year but they are at the richest with nutrients. They are said to be one of the most nutrient dense much goodness in them ✨✨ Packed full of wonderful Vitamin C, lots a good minerals including magnesium and manganese, antioxidants, plus they contain Omega 3 which we know is great for brain health and growing kiddies! Although Mamas they fall into the Dirty Dozen, which means they are one of the fruits that are found to have the most amount of pesticides when they are not organic, so they are one thing you should be buying organic for your kids 🌿 Don't forget you can pick your own organic Strawberries locally 🍓🌿😀......the wonderful Madeleine Shaw has an awesome recipe for the most delicious looking Strawberry Tart - head to her blog, like in her bio and enjoy!!


cucumberPosted 30th June - Let's face it, Cucumber doesn't seem the most beautiful or exciting vegetable of all time but it quite frankly is a great one and there are some pretty big claims about its benefits 🥒 I love it for this time of year and luckily it's in season. We picked up this organic one at the Daylsford Farm PYO day last weekend (on again tomorrow 😉). On warm days (when they come back 🤞🏼☀️) it's a lovely refreshing snack which is super hydrating - 95.2% water 💦💦 They are said to have 'antioxidant activity, a cleansing action for toxins and waste, soothing effect against skin irritation, and prevent constipation'. Plus they are full of Potassium, Fisetin (great for brain health), Flavonoids, Fibre and high in Vitamin K. There are also claims it has anti-ageing properties and with sleep deprivation not helping with that, Mamas we could do with all the help on that front ☺️ get munching and enjoy some delicious Cucumbers this Summer


beetrootPosted 23rd June - Today I'm celebrating the beautiful Beetroot! They may dye your hands red but it's so worth it because these amazing root vegetables fall into the superfood category and are totally awesome for your little ones ✨ They are a great source of iron, Vitamin A & C, fibre, folate (naturally occurring folic acid), and also contains nitrates, betaine, magnesium and other awesome antioxidants 💪🏼 Health claims suggest beetroot can help lower blood pressure and boost exercise performance. They are also said to be great for little ones, aiding in digestion, curing anemia, as well as increasing brain activity and development. A pretty powerful vegetable and in season make the most and get eating


broadbeansPosted 16th June - There's something about these beauties that reminds me of my childhood. Memories of sitting in my grandmothers kitchen, popping beans out of the pods, chatting and I'm loving that my son is enjoying podding them too 💚 I hope he will grow up with the same wonderful memories that I have. These special beans are perfectly in season and such a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. They are also so wonderfully nutritious, packed with Protein and Fibre. As well as rich in Folate and Vitamin B, both essential for nerve and blood cell development, cognitive function and energy. All things that are a definite must for both Big and Little Tums The double podding can be a bit off putting BUT it's so easy and well worth the effort, especially if the kids help 👍🏼 Simply pod them, blanch them and take off the shell...then just enjoy any way you choose

If you want to know more about Happy Healthy Tums read their introduction here

or follow Happy Healthy Tums on Instagram here I'm sure Vanessa would love to hear from you if you've enjoyed her food facts.

Suzanne x

July 25, 2017 — Suzanne Moore

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