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What’s your Easter parenting style?

Let’s face it, Easter is all about the Chocolate, but we all know that loads of chocolate is not good for our little ones and yet the Grandparents seem to up the ante each year going for bigger and more elaborate ones.

So what are your Easter rules for Chocolate consumption?

  1. None at all
  2. Just a little bit
  3. Have a little bit more than normal
  4. Go wild, eat what you like

I'm somewhere in between 2 and 3. On Easter day itself the kids probably end up having more than normal but still not a silly amount. After that everything goes in the communal treat box and it's kiddy treat size portions all round.

We will do an Easter egg hunt this year but we won't be buying them an egg from us and I've asked relatives just to give them something little and not necessarily chocolate based.

Solutions for a Healthier Easter

Instead of buying easter eggs why not ask relatives to buy non chocolate gifts like….

  • an egg cup
  • a cuddly toy
  • a new T-shirt
  • garden toy ready for summer
  • a craft activity pack
  • new water bottle
  • some reusable snack bags?

What to do with excess eggs

This is only for those of you that are above eating your children’s Easter eggs yourself (If they’re Cadburys, I do. If they’re fancy ones or own brand I won’t).

If they do get more eggs than you are comfortable with you can try one or more of these tricks:

  • Break them up into more manageable chunks to give as smaller treats
  • Use it in cakes (that’s more sugar so not necessarily a healthy option) but these all sound amazing 
  • Melt them down and make your own chocolate buttons.
  • Make chocolate rice crispy cakes
  • Give them to a homeless charity
  • Give them to staff in care homes to share with the residents

If you fancy just giving a little bit of chocolate to your little ones without all the ridiculous over packaging you could always fill up a snack bag with a few mini eggs*, some raisins or little biscuits, bread sticks or rice cakes so they got what looks like a whole bag of treats....and they have themselves some cool snack bags for using over and over again.

*Don't forget that mini eggs are a choke hazard. Chop them in half length ways for little ones although this is not an easy task!  I've just started to train mine to bite into them before they put them into their mouths. 

easter chocolate snack bags

If you would like to get your hands on our snack bags for Easter order by Wednesday 28th March at 12 noon. These should get to you next day or Saturday at the latest within the UK. Use code EASTER to get 20% off or click here.

Happy Easter

Suzanne x


March 27, 2018 — Suzanne Moore

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