Several years ago I lived in Amsterdam. What was meant to be a fun year in my early twenties ended up as 12 years in the most amazing city, in a wonderful country full of the loveliest (and most honest) people I have ever met.

When I started my business I really wanted to launch it in The Netherlands as I felt that it would work really well for Dutch families....and now it is happening!

nom-nom-kids-dutch-beach-NLNom Nom Kids Nederland is being run by Christine Wijsbeek Pijper, the sister in law of a very dear friend of mine from my days working for Tommy Hilfiger Europe in Amsterdam. Christine already runs a successful business Kdootjes which sells fantastic gifts for babies, children and parents. She also has 2 young children of her own who love our reusable pouches...or should I say Herbruikbare Knijpzakjes as they are known in Dutch. Christine really understands the challenges of trying to feed little ones healthy foods and has been a fan of our pouches since we launched them last year in the UK. As both of us are busy mums of 2 little ones each it has taken us a bit longer than planned to get here but now it's time to put all of Christines hard work into action!

I am so happy to have Christine representing the Nom Nom Kids brand in The Netherlands and very excited to see what Dutch and Belgian families think of our Reusable Food Pouches!

Pop over to the Dutch website, Facebook page or twitter and show Christine some love. If you are Dutch or you have Dutch or Belgian friends with babies or toddlers please do share, especially if you already love our pouches!

Thank you for your support!


July 07, 2015 — Suzanne Moore

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