Just 1 Nom Nom Kids Reusable pouch can save all of these pouches from going to landfill!

Each of our pouches last an average of 40 uses, that's 40 times filled, 40 times eaten, and 40 times washed. If treated well they may last even longer!

If they don't last long enough, just contact suzanne@nomnomkids.co.uk and we will arrange to send a replacement!

Not only do reusable pouches help save the environment but they can help save you money too. Making a batch of strawberry and banana smoothie or an apple puree at home can cost around 20-25p a pouch....even less if you grow your own veg or make a deal with a local allotment holder!

Pouches can be purchased here or on Amazon.co.uk you can purchase our 3 pack, 4 pack or weaning 10 pack of pouches

March 02, 2015 — Suzanne Moore

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