Last week we had our first professional photo shoot with Oobaloos Photography. We held a competition on Facebook to find some new little models and had such an amazing response.  Our winners joined us at Blue Skies Play café in Sandford Park, Cheltenham on a very cold & sunny morning last week.

All of the little ones were fantastic and they all got to grips with the pouches instantly, enjoying some lovely fromage frais and mixed fruit purees in our pouches.

Our youngest Nom Nom Kid was Monty, a super smiley 7 month old who has obviously taken to weaning like a duck to water. He loved being spoon fed fruit puree by mum and he had lots of fun playing with the pouch afterwards. He could hold the pouch himself and new exactly where the spout should go but at 7 months old we left the cap on and gave mum full control of the food!

nom nom kids reusable baby food pouch 7 months babynom nom kids refillable food pouch 7 months baby weaning

Next came Oscar who was brought in by his Granmdma after his poor Daddy had slipped on some ice and broke his leg! We gave Oscar the pouch to play with at first whilst we got ready and just like Monty the spout end went straight to his mouth. Oscar was 8 months old and loved being fed his fruit puree by Grandma. We let Oscar hold the pouch with no cap on once it was half full and he put it straight in his mouth sucking some puree straight out. It’s amazing how quickly he got the hang of it and I doubt it will be long before he could eat his puddings and snacks on his own from the pouch.

nom nom kids reusable baby food pouch 8 months baby weaningnom nom kids refillable food pouch baby

Martha and Ruby came next and they are both 16 months old. Martha has been using our pouches since she started weaning at 6 months so she is a bit of a pro. Martha has been fussing over meals recently due to teething so her mummy was a little worried about how she would get on. We really didn’t need to worry as Martha happily ate her yogurt and a fruit puree whilst showing off the pouch perfectly. Ruby’s mummy had only heard about the existence of reusable food pouches the previous week and was very excited to give them a go. Ruby left the shoot clinging to her pouch!

nom nom kids reusable food pouch healthy baby snacksnom nom kids refillable food pouch toddler snack

Daisy was 18 months old and she happily played on the slide posing for the camera with her pouch. She was such a happy little girl and so good waiting around for her turn.

nom nom kids reusable food pouch on the go toddler snacknom nom kids refillable food pouch toddler snacks

Bailey is the son of Sheryl our fabulous photographer aged 26 months. He didn’t ever have pouches as a baby but after meeting a few months ago Sheryl took some home to try and he’s been using them ever since! He was such a good boy playing with everyone and befriending other mums whilst Sheryl worked.

reusable food pouch oobaloos photography nom nom kids reusable food pouch perfectly sized for little hands

Last but not least was Nancy, the original Nom Nom Kid and my little monkey. With me occupied with everyone else, Nancy took full advantage of the toys and trampoline at the cafe (hence the wild hair!). Nancy is now 28 months old and throws out her bottom lip if you try to get a photo of her so she wasn't the most enthusiastic model. We did get some brilliant shots of her copying the babies by loading a spoon with fruit puree and feeding herself from the spoon.

nom nom kids independent toddler squeeze pouch spoonnom nom kids reusable food pouch fromage frais no mess

reusable food pouch pre-school yogurt lunchbox

All in all we had a fantastic time and I would really like to thank all of our super models; Monty, Oscar, Martha, Ruby, Martha, Daisy, Bailey and Nancy. It was lovely to meet our newest Nom Nom Kids and their families. It was lovely for me to see everyone enjoying their food so much and loving the pouches.

Thank you! Suzanne


February 09, 2015 — Suzanne Moore

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