We have just returned from our annual camping trip with the in-laws. Don’t think for a minute that we are great campers, we cheat somewhat by having full access to the in-laws caravan during our stay. Stanley sleeps in the caravan with them and we have Nancy in our tent (which we didn’t even have to put up ourselves!). My fair weather camping rule was tested somewhat this year with a massive storm on the Thursday night. I lay awake most of the night watching the tent light up and listening to the roar of the wind, worrying that the top was going to be ripped off the tent. Luckily it cleared the next day and we all slept like babies after that....that is babies that sleep , rather than the real ones that wake you up several times a night.

We were sharing a tiny fridge in the caravan which caused a bit of a problem. Suddenly this miniscule fridge had to handle all the cooling needs of 4 adults and 2 toddlers and both I and mother in law had been shopping. We decided to decant as much as we could into the pouches to clear up space for real food (and a few ciders!). They had quite a few bottles of condiments that were getting low so they were ideal to store in the pouches aswell as leftovers. The pouches were very space efficient and could be squeezed into small spaces in the door. There were 4 pouches squeezed into this space below!

We used them to store:



salad dressing

Cream - we whipped too much up one night and put the leftovers in a pouch



Pasta sauce



July 21, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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