We had a lovely day at the seaside this weekend and we got to try out our pouches on the beach for real. We took several frozen pouches which really helped keep the picnic cool for everyone until we were ready to eat.

I had made up some apple puree the night before so took a pouch of that for Nancy, Stanley had a whole apple which I peeled for him and he promptly dropped in the sand and refused to eat despite washing it. I have to say that there was still a bit of a crunch to it so I can't blame him too much.

I had some lovely freshly squeezed orange juice which I also froze for me and Hubby....but we didn't get a look in! by 10.30 the orange juice had turned into slush which the kids loved!

I also took a spare fruit pot with me just on case Nancy wasn't drinking much which she had in the afternoon after her nap.

Just as I was feeling smug about how brilliant it was all going Nancy dropped her full (open) pouch in the lovely soft, fine sand! Picking the pouch up I thought I was going to have to sacrifice this one but actually it was so simple to clean up. This is how we saved it:

Step 1 - Accidentally drop your pouch in the sand...oops!

Step 2 – Pick up pouch keeping the spout horizontal or slightly facing down so sand doesn’t get sucked back in but the contents also doesn’t pour out.

Step 3 – Pour some water over the spout to remove any sand around it. Don’t worry about the sand that’s inside the spout.

Step 4 – To remove the sand from inside the spout, squeeze the pouch to slowly release some of the contents. The sand should be carried along with the contents right out of the spout!

Step 5 - Place the cap back on the pouch and wipe or rinse the sand off the rest of the pouch before handing it back to your child to enjoy.

I've mentioned before that Nancy refuses to drink milk so we give her a pouch of yogurt or a Petit Filous in a pouch before bed. We got the kids ready for bed in a restaurant baby change room and settled them into their car seats to have their nightime milk / pouch whilst we packed everything away.

A lovely day had by all! I hope you'll consider sharing your day trip successes or holiday experience with us. I'd love to know if you found your pouches handy.

June 24, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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